Owners of Tongue and Groove to open Joint Barroom on Nov. 13

'Steampunk lounge' takes space adjacent the popular Buckhead nightclub.

In conjunction with the 18-year anniversary of Tongue and Groove, owners Michael Krohngold, Scott Strumlauf and David Kreidler announced in a press release Friday, the arrival of The Joint Barroom.

Located next door to the Buckhead nightclub, at 565 Main St. in Lindbergh City Center, The Joint Barroom will serve up cocktails, small plates and music, according to the release.

"The Joint is named for the point where the tongue of one board meets the groove of another in wood floor construction," Krohngold said in the release.

The non-smoking, 1,500-square foot "turbo-pub" with two bars and DJ booth, features a steampunk design that blends science, art, and industry. The redesigned space that was once the dance room at Tongue and Groove, will have a separate entrance.

Guests can expect a cocktail program featuring premium brand and ingredients prepared in a small keg instead of handcrafting each drink individually, the release notes.

The Joint will feature three signature cocktails at any given time that will be dispensed out of a tap on top of the bar like, "Death's Door Gin and Fever Tree tonic water with fresh lime."

The "steampunk lounge" will also have a specialty cocktail menu in addition to champagne, wine, craft beer and moonshine, and will be open every Monday through Saturday at 5 p.m. beginning, Tuesday, November 13, 2012.