Legoland forces Chick-fil-A and other food court tenants to close at Phipps Plaza

legoland discovery center ~ what now, atlanta?

New Legoland Discovery Center hijacks mall's third level

Many tenants in the Phipps Plaza food court are closing "in the near future," except Moe’s, Subway and Nori Sushi, according to mall spokeswoman Jordan Worrall.

Worrall, on Monday, told What Now Atlanta exact closing dates were not available.

"The three [tenants] mentioned here will stay open at their current locations at least until the end of May," Worrall said. "I can’t offer a list of closing dates. They vary with each tenant."

Legoland Discovery Center, a 32,000-square-foot indoor attraction and retail store of the iconic plastic brick, is slated to open at Phipps Plaza spring 2012 (story here).

According to Tewelve Araya, who works at AMC Theatres, Chick-fil-A, Johnny Rockets, Great Wraps, Mandarin Express and Sbarro Pizza closed a "few days ago."

Araya said he is upset about the closings.

"I need somewhere to eat while I'm working," he said. "I can't eat the [legos] over there."

Araya said Legoland doesn't fit in at Phipps Plaza. "They took out a lot of jobs around here to open Legoland and it doesn't make sense. This is a high-end mall and we have all these expensive retailers."

But don't worry AMC ticket-taker! Phipps Plaza has a remedy-- a restaurant zone!

"We are currently working with the tenants and available lease space to create a fast casual/quick service restaurant zone on the third floor to support the movie theatre and Legoland Discovery Center traffic," Worrall said.

She said details about the restaurant zone weren't finalized.