Howell Mill McDonald's gets demolished, plan filed to rebuild

Upscale Mickey D's to replace the now demolished McDonald's restaurant.

Don’t worry Channing Valley/Collier Hills McDonald’s fans!

While the old Mickey D’s, at 1994 Howell Mill Road, has seemingly been demolished overnight, a new more efficient McDonald’s will be resurrected.

The local restaurant franchisee submitted a building permit application with City of Atlanta earlier this year to erect a new McDonald's restaurant where the old one once stood.

An estimated $480,000 will be spent building the 2,184-square-foot McDonald's from the ground up.

The new Howell Mill Road McDonald's is part of the company's worldwide plan to revamp its stores to look more upscale, according to a recent USA Today report.

McDonald's announced in March, 2011 it would spend $1 billion-plus making store-by-store makeovers, something the big mac giant and its franchisees hope will be completed by 2015, according to the report.