UPDATE: Midtown Restaurant Temporarily Closes After Roach Infestation

MuLan Chinese restaurant closed its doors voluntarily to remodel kitchen, according to owner.

After abruptly closing its doors mid-July, MuLan in Midtown has just as suddenly reopened for business.

The Chinese restaurant, at 824 Juniper St., posted a sign to its front door last month announcing the restaurant was "closed" because of a "change in management."

An assistant manager  at MuLan told What Now Atlanta (WNA) in a telephone interview Monday, the restaurant closed for a kitchen remodel instead.

WNA later uncovered, while we were compiling our list of failed July restaurant health inspections,  that MuLan scored 36/100 the same day it temporarily closed for the remodel.

A look closer and the report revealed the restaurant was cited with a roach infestation.

"Facility poses imminent health hazard: roach infestation," according to the report.

"Pictures were taken at the time of inspection and legal notice was issued to the owner, Mr. Andy Lim for the violation. The owner volunteered to close the restaurant until imminent health hazard is no longer present at the facility."

MuLan was not immediately available for comment.

Would you eat at a restaurant that was previously cited for a roach infestation? Noodle on that for a minute, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

[Editor's note: this article was updated after a WNA reader smartly pointed out the citations of the failed health inspection.]