UPDATE: Midtown Restaurant Temporarily Closes After Roach Infestation

MuLan Chinese restaurant closed its doors voluntarily to remodel kitchen, according to owner.

After abruptly closing its doors mid-July, MuLan in Midtown has just as suddenly reopened for business.

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The Chinese restaurant, at 824 Juniper St., posted a sign to its front door last month announcing the restaurant was “closed” because of a “change in management.”

An assistant manager at MuLan told What Now Atlanta (WNA) in a telephone interview Monday, the restaurant closed for a kitchen remodel instead.

WNA later uncovered, while we were compiling our list of failed July restaurant health inspections,  that MuLan scored 36/100 the same day it temporarily closed for the remodel.

A look closer and the report revealed the restaurant was cited with a roach infestation.

“Facility poses imminent health hazard: roach infestation,” according to the report.

“Pictures were taken at the time of inspection and legal notice was issued to the owner, Mr. Andy Lim for the violation. The owner volunteered to close the restaurant until imminent health hazard is no longer present at the facility.”

MuLan was not immediately available for comment.

Would you eat at a restaurant that was previously cited for a roach infestation? Noodle on that for a minute, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

MuLan Midtown Atlanta
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MuLan Midtown | Photo: What Now Atlanta

[Editor’s note: this article was updated after a WNA reader smartly pointed out the citations of the failed health inspection.]

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

9 Responses

  1. Yeah, this sounds like they’re just trying to cover up for it. If it was a planned remodeling of the kitchen, why didn’t they let customers know ahead of time so customers would know and expect it, rather than showing up or trying to order and being unable? Add that to the notice stating a “change in management” when management didn’t change and the timing and the failed inspection, and it all points to Mu Lan’s management back-tracking and trying to cover up why they really closed.

    1. And now he looks bad not just for having a roach infestation, but for trying to cover it up. Given, it’s going to be hard to get people to want to eat there knowing that, and I can understand why he tried to keep it quiet. But given that these inspection reports are public and how many news outlets there are anymore, this was going to get out. If the owner had owned up to it, at least he could have tried to get in front of it and rebuild the community’s faith in his business. Now it’s going to be twice as hard to rebuild that trust.

  2. Roach infestation is caused primarily by very poor sanitation standards. I would NEVER eat at this restaurant.

  3. This place is so nasty .i eat there then I found roach in my fried rice.and people there has HIV disease that employee told .never eat there or get hiv

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