Yogli Mogli Plops Down Another Atlanta Location

yogli mogli to open a virginia highland location ~ what now, atlanta?

Virginia Highland Gets Flash Freezed

Yogli Mogli signed another lease in the Atlanta market, this time in Virginia Highland.

The lease was secured this past Sunday, October 31, according to a representative for the company.

But does Atlanta need more yogurt? Well, Wikipedia says, "People have been eating yogurt for at least 5,400 years."

Our [unapproved] edit to that page: People have been eating yogurt for at least 5,400 years. Atlanta's mission: to open a yogurt shop for every year people have been eating it.

Yogli Mogli has been helping Atlanta's mission by, what seems like, replacing oxygen with bacterial fermented milk taking every available corner. And that's a lot of frozen cow juice.

But hey, at 39 cents an ounce, at least it's an affordable and healthy alternative to sweaty treats such as the ice cream served at Repicci’s in Midtown.

Taking space next to Murphy's and across the street from the new YEAH! Burger, Yogli Mogli is opening at 1002 N. Highland avenue February, 2011.

Other upcoming locations for Yogli Mogli include the Newnan, Dunwoody, Buckhead, Snellville, Cumming and West Cobb markets, all slated to open March 2011. Spaces for most of these locations are still in the works and leases are still under negotiation.

As much as we love covering new burger, pizza and yogurt joints, we'll be sure to update on those locations as soon as leases are secured.

Yogli Mogli
1002 N. Highland Ave
Atlanta GA 30306