Revealed! Ponce City Market’s first confirmed tenant is Dancing Goats Coffee Bar

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Decatur coffee shop opening temporary store at development’s marketing center until its permanent space becomes available.

Ponce City Market’s first tenant is coming this spring to the Midtown mixed-use development.

Dancing Goats, a coffee bar in Decatur, will open a temporary store in the former auto-service bay area on the corner of Glen Iris and North Avenue at the former City Hall East site, according to Mike Ferguson, business development director for the coffee brand.

The coffee bar will relocate to a permanent 1,000-square-foot space in about two years, Ferguson told What Now Atlanta in a telephone interview Thursday.

Dancing Goats will offer the same menu from its Decatur store but its design will reflect the vintage aesthetic of the City Hall East building, he said.

Ponce City Market filed a building permit with city of Atlanta early December to build its temporary marketing center. Also included in the permit is a coffee shop (Dancing Goats), meeting space for small events and contractors’ temporary offices.

The Midtown mixed-used development, at 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue, will spend an estimated $300,000 building the temporary spaces.



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John F
8 years ago

Great news! We’ve needed a walkable coffee-shop in that area for years. I was hoping there would be one in the AMLI apartments right on the park, but that was before they nixed the 1st-floor retail and built those units out as apartments.

While Dancing Goats may not be as cool as something like Java Monkey, at least it’s not Starbucks. It might even be more boring and yuppified than Starbucks (is that possible?) but at least it has a cool name.

8 years ago

This is great news!

Coffee Lover
8 years ago

More boring and yuppified? Why? Because it doesn’t look like your grandparents basement? I’m glad it’s going in there, personally. Their coffee and espresso quality is the most consistently good in Atlanta.

8 years ago

Cool – this is exactly the kind of tenant needed at Ponce City Market! It’ll be interesting to see them go against the Starbucks that’s going in the old Dunkin’ Donuts at Midtown Place.

John F
8 years ago

Their space is rather sterile and uninviting, quite unlike my grandparent’s basement. But mainly, I was basing my judgement on the people I’ve seen in there. It seems to not frequented by the types of people I’d really be interested in striking up a conversation with. But if you’re there for the consistent coffee and espresso quality [insert stiff upper-lip emoticon here], then conversation and meeting new probably isn’t your thing, anyway. Regardless, I’ll reiterate that it’s still a welcome addition to the neighborhood in case you missed that part of my post the first time around.

8 years ago

a great first step in the tenant lineup of this place! Although, since Anne Quatrano (bacchanalia, star provisions, etc, etc, etc) is involved I am not too concerned.

8 years ago

Hi John F,
No worries. Understand your comments and don’t take it personally. We are really exited and hope to invite everyone in the immediate neighborhood in for a coffee on us the first week. I think the space will be really interesting, especially the “outdoor” seating. Keep an eye on the corner, it’s going to happen fast.

8 years ago

Note, the misspelling of “excited” is only evidence of the fact.

8 years ago

As a nearby resident, I’m really looking forward to it. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Jason Killen
8 years ago

This is an excellent addition. I love their coffee and the company’s view on ethical harvesting and fair trade. I have to say, there is another GOLDEN opportunity for them to open another spot right on Peachtree. Currently there is only Starbucks (at the corner of 7th) serving something like 120,000 residents within 10 blocks. A coffee shop like Dancing Goats would be an instant hit on Peachtree (but I am happy to see them at Ponce City too).

8 years ago

This is great news! I’ve been hoping a great coffee shop, such as Dancing Goats, would open in this area. Welcome!

8 years ago

This is going to be an awesome addition to the neighborhood and having a coffee shop within walking distance of the new Historic Fourth Ward Park….

I love the O4W so glad I purchased here 6 years ago!

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