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Plans Filed For Boutique Midtown Condos

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Plans Filed For Boutique Midtown Condos

50,000 square foot residential complex from Kim King Associates will have two units per floor, but Atlanta's housing market will take as many condos as it can get.

Midtown housing stock is growing - and this time it's not more new apartments.

BisNow reports that Kim King Associates is moving forward with a new development which is now straightforwardly titled 238 14th St. The group has filed plans for a small boutique condo building at the address, which is west of Piedmont Park, between the Windsor at Midtown apartments and a single family home.

According to permits, the whole building will be only 50,000 square feet with two units per floor.


Image from Kim King and Associates via BisNow.

Do you think Midtown and Atlanta in general needs more condos? Tell us below...

238 14th St

238 14th St
Julia Sirb
Julia Sirb

Julia studied Urban Planning and Economic Development at GSU's School of Policy Studies. She is interested in the way a city's built environment, policy decisions, and economy work together to shape its culture. When not typing, she's writing calligraphy or looking for the next great shot through the lens of her medium format film camera.

2 responses to “Plans Filed For Boutique Midtown Condos

    1. haha really!? did you even read the article? there's a whopping 15 or so units in this building which dramatically improves the street-scape with some much-need different architecture in this city, and you are complaining about the affects that will have on traffic?

      you picked the wrong battle on this one.

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