Poncey-Highland To Get Chick-fil-A, Clermont Renovations Plans Filed

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Poncey-Highland To Get Chick-fil-A, Clermont Renovations Plans Filed

On Ponce, Chick-fil-A will replace Dugan's and neighboring Clermont Hotel is set for $5MM renovations.

UPDATE (3/18/2016 6:35 PM): An account on Facebook by the name of Dugans Ponce is calling out the broker who said Chick-fil-A is opening in its place, saying that the property is not actually sold or for sale.

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Poncey-Highland is getting less gritty by the day.

A new, built-from-scratch free-standing Chick-fil-A restaurant would be erected in the space where Dugan's currently stands, according to a post on commercial real estate marketplace website Loopnet.

The "trophy" Chick-Fil-A would come with a surface parking lot with room for 31 cars.

"New Chick-fil-A located in the heart of Midtown (Atlanta), GA. The construction of this new freestanding restaurant displays Chick-fil-A's strong commitment to Atlanta and faith in the continued growth of the Midtown submarket," according to the post.

The listing boasts proximity to Ponce City Market, the Beltline, and the 18.5 million square feet of office space Downtown, and most importantly, the Clermont Hotel, a historic hotel that was shuttered by the city in 2009.

Alongside Chick-Fil-A, the Clermont will soon rise again. A multi-family alteration permit was filed with City of Atlanta Tuesday for a historic preservation of the 88,000 square-foot hotel, including the exterior to be cleaned and restored, new interior walls and finishes, and exterior stairs.

The Clermont's renovation could cost around $5 million.

In 2012, developer Ethan Orley purchased the property with a team of Nashville and New York-based investors for $2.5 million, with plans to turn the run-down establishment into a boutique hotel. After much delay, financing for the project was finally secured December 30th of last year, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Image via Loopnet Listing
Image via Loopnet listing

Dugan's, which first opened in 1982, is a sports bar and restaurant with substantial patio space. If Yelp reviews are any indication, the forthcoming service and food quality at the planned Chick-fil-A will be a welcome change. However, locals may not be as optimistic about the impending traffic that the fast food unit is sure to bring along with it.

What do you think of all of the development on Ponce De Leon Avenue? What do you think of the forthcoming Chick-fil-A planned for the neighborhood? Tell us below...


777 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA
Julia Sirb
Julia Sirb

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3 responses to “Poncey-Highland To Get Chick-fil-A, Clermont Renovations Plans Filed

  1. Does anyone even try to know what neighborhood they are in when they publish these things. The Chick-fil-A location is in Poncey-Highland NOT Midtown, let alone the "heart of Midtown". Sheesh! Also, what a waste of a prime piece of real estate. Just another fast food drive through that no one who lives in the area needs or wants. Sigh.

  2. I had always hoped for a commercial building that would echo the style of the nextdoor Clermont Hotel - not a suburban looking chicken restaurant.

  3. "If Yelp reviews are any indication, the forthcoming service and food quality at the planned Chick-fil-A will be a welcome change."

    Yeah, I'm sure all the Dugan's regulars will love hanging out and catching a game at the Chick-fil-a.

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