Park’s Edge gets Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ makeover, then fails health inspection

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Photo courtesy of Kitchen Nightmares

Inman Park restaurant gets a 44/100 health score, shortly after celebrity chef visits.

Did “world-renowned” chef Gordon Ramsay fix one Atlanta restaurant’s problems or create a whole new set of nightmares for it?

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In September, Park’s Edge restaurant participated in filming the fourth season of “Kitchen Nightmares,” only to fail its health inspection a few weeks later.

The show, which premiers on FOX this Friday, Nov. 4, promises participating restaurants it’ll “help turn around their businesses or else they’ll be forced to close their doors forever.”

Ramsay and his team infiltrated the Inman Park restaurant Sept. 9 – 12. Park’s Edge failed it’s health inspection Oct. 12.

“With Ramsay’s reputation on the line, he will demand absolute excellence and perfection from the owners,” according to the show’s website. “Using his five-star culinary expertise and knowledge, Chef Ramsay will put his name and his food empire on the line to help transform these restaurant nightmares into the American dream on Kitchen Nightmares.”

Sorry Ramsay, but unsanitary kitchens and unfathomably low health scores does not a successful restaurant make.


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8 years ago

Caleb – How do you expect Ramsay to control what the restaurant does once he leaves?

8 years ago

Yeah sounds to me like if they had a nightmare kitchen before hand, they will probably still be dirty people after he leaves. Nothing to do with Gordon (even though hes a douchbag).

8 years ago

This article confuses me in that it seems like the author is placing the responsibility on Chef Ramsey for the failed health inspection, even though the inspection occurred a month after Kitchen Nightmares left Park’s Edge to fend for themselves. Also, a quick look at Fulton County public records shows that Park’s Edge already had a failed inspection earlier this year. It is clear that good food safety practices are not part of their day-to-day operations. The only passing scores they receive for Inspections are a result of the Health Inspector giving them a couple weeks to clean up their… Read more »

8 years ago

CJS, Why not state in the article what you just said in your comment: even with Ramsey’s alleged (why only alleged?) help, park’s edge still isn’t capable of maintaining food safety? Instead you are implicating some responsibility on Gordon Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares in your article – even the closing line will lead your readers to believe that the KN people are somehow responsible for the restaurant’s failure to follow good practices: “Sorry Ramsay, but unsanitary kitchens and unfathomably low health scores does not a successful restaurant make.” Are you trying to state that Ramsey caused the unsanitary kitchen or… Read more »

1 year ago

I know this comment is really late, but why would they be embarrassed?? they are knowingly trying to help places that are failing already, normally because they don’t know how to run a restaurant correctly like make good food, have normal sized menus, keep the place clean. food quality. also its pretty obvious that there doing these things because they don’t think theres anything wrong with it. so ramsey goes in and shows them the proper way and shows them all they are doing wrong, remodels the place to update it so its practically like giving it a second chance.… Read more »

1 year ago

Are you ever capable of capitalizing your sentences?

8 years ago

Why should Fox or Ramsay be embarrassed? He frequently visits horrible restaurants that end up failing and closing even after his help. At the end of most visits, Ramsay frequently makes comments about how if they don’t do x, y, and z they’ll end up closing their doors. And on some of his Kitchen Nightmares Revisited episodes, he has shown that some restaurants ended up closing or returning to their previous ways. I don’t think Ramsay promises to turn around restaurants no matter what. He gives them the tools they need and it is up to them to keep it… Read more »

8 years ago

It seems like the author of this article is simply trying to exploit Ramsay’s brand and show to get readership and drive traffic to the site.

To the point of earlier replies, there should be no expectation that the owners will continue to perform well once left unsupervised. If anything, the show provided enough life support to the business to hopefully find new owners to build on the improvements.

8 years ago

No one has mentioned that Park’s Edge has also operated without a liquor license for two years, despite ongoing neighborhood complaints, maybe following rules just isn’t their thing.

but wait
8 years ago

funny you mention that, i was there one night and noticed a couple cop cars outside… didn’t think too much of it until my gf and i tried to order glasses of wine. our waitress informed us there was a “problem” and couldn’t serve us. supposedly that issue was getting taken care of. curious to know the status of that…

i’ve always been a fan of their food and service though so it is disappointing to hear this news. hope they remedy this before i use my scoutmob there

8 years ago

When you see his program, unsanitary kitchens and walk-throughs, things not labeled and dated, mixing cooked with non-cooked storage, etc. are HUGE pet peeves of his. He often goes off on people for that, it seems to be a trademark of a struggling restaurant.

He would have definitely whipped that into shape; however, that they failed an inspection four weeks later just shows how quickly the reverted back to their old ways – real shame.

It will be interested to see if they make it into one of the follow-up episodes where he revisits restaurants later to check up on them.

8 years ago

From what I hear, this “reality” show is what you’d expect… it creates the illusion of fixing things, but it’s all in the script. A friend who’s seen the show production in action said Ramsay is there for just a few hours if that… when fixing an ailing restaurant probably takes weeks at least.

Matt McDaniel
7 years ago

I just watched the KN with Parks Edge, then wanted to find out more about the restaurant. So I saw your blog here. It really seems that you’re talking out both sides of your mouth. In your article you put Ramsay to task for the bad health review weeks after he left but in all your responses you agree that it wasn’t Ramsay’s fault. Isn’t this just a bit hypocritical?

7 years ago

Caleb your blog sucks,Ramsey has very high standards and can no way be held responsible for what happens a month after he left ..

6 years ago

These owners were too stupid to know they needed a liquor license to sell wine? They call their customers racists and it Gordon Ramsey’s fault they don’t know basic food safety standards?

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