Hamburger Mary's Loses Bid for Five Napkin Burger Space

Midtown property under lease negotiation with undisclosed tenant.

UPDATE (Sept. 26, 2012): Gravity Fitness owner to replace 5 Napkin Burger with gay bar

When Five Napkin Burger abruptly shuttered its Midtown location, Atlantans began voicing opinions on what should open in its place.

California-based Hamburger Mary's was a popular request among many What Now Atlanta readers.

Coincidently, WNA insiders uncovered Hamburger Mary's is actually interested in opening an Atlanta location and even submitted a proposal to lease the Five Napkin space.

"As an Atlanta-native, I have been hoping that someone would open a Hamburger Mary's [in Atlanta]," Ashely Wright, owner of the Hamburger Mary's franchise, told What Now Atlanta in an email Saturday.

"Over the years, we've had discussions with several potential franchisees, but so far nothing has panned out."

An Atlanta group was interested in replacing Five Napkin Burger with a franchised location of Hamburger Mary's, according to Wright. However, the space is apparently being leased to someone else, he said (we're hot on the case).

"I think an Atlanta Mary's would be an instant hit. So we will see what happens!"

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