Breakfast at Barneys Opens Aug. 31 With ‘Luxurious’ $1,000 Brunch Item

Mansa Musa Tower offers lobster and grits, 14-karat gold pancakes, and more, paired with Ace of Spades Champagne.

All-day breakfast and brunch eatery Breakfast At Barneys is set to open August 31 under the direction of two AUC alumni friends, “Barney” Lee Berry Jr. and Dr. Rashad Sanford, according to a press release Wednesday. It replaces Bada Bings downtown.

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“The pair dreamed about creating a place to go during the day in downtown Atlanta that brings together everyone from all backgrounds to enjoy food, culture and share good times,” according to the release. “This led to the creation of Breakfast At Barneys part breakfast/brunch eatery and part daytime social club; which offers decadent comfort food in a highly designed and stylish atmosphere that is at the same time welcoming with great vibes, music, atmosphere and the very best service in the city.”

Breakfast At Barneys features southern breakfast fare such as salmon croquette and eggs, chicken and waffles, banana fosters French toast, and most notably the Mansa Musa Tower, a “luxurious” breakfast tower that costs $1,000 which includes lobster and grits, chicken and waffles, 14-karat gold pancakes, and more, paired with a bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne. It serves four.

“Our goal is to immediately transform each and every guest that passes through the doors of
Barneys, taking them into a world of Black art, Black food, Black music, and Black service
delivered in our own unique way,” Berry Jr. said in the release. “Whether our guests are visiting Atlanta, working in the area, or residents, we will offer the best breakfast/brunch experience in the city.”

The beverage program includes up to seven fresh-pressed juices served daily, a customizable smoothie menu, in-house made strawberry lemonades and peach basil iced teas. Along with standard coke products, there will be a mocktail menu. The cocktail program will be coming shortly after opening, which will feature Barneys’ spin on the classics and will offer mimosas and kombucha on draft.

Set to be announced later this year, Breakfast At Barneys will feature live local soul and R&B musical performances several days a week in a “tiny desk” style of performance.

The dining room seats 66 guests and another 25 guests at the bar. Barneys offers a 200 car attached parking deck offering free self-parking inside the Pencil Factory and $5 valet option Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

13 Responses

  1. So… they’re offering a luxury breakfast costing $1,000 across the street from Section 8 housing… got it.

      1. You must know that’s the only way you would be able to eat at the restaurant. You white so called people need to get a life. Stick to eating at your own trashy restaurants

  2. So how many people does this $1000 breakfast option feed?
    Sounds like something for people who like to throw a bunch of money around to look important.

    1. For 99% of people, it’s the extreme version of the well-known menu strategy of including a high price entre for the purpose of making the other items appear more reasonable. If you refrain from ordering the $100 steak, you feel good about that $80 lobster, etc.

      For the 1%, dropping $250/person on a breakfast for 4 isn’t that big a deal (presumably).

      1. No one’s telling any of you complainers to go eat there obviously you can’t afford it and some kin to each his own they’re not forcing people to pay $1000 for breakfast choices people choices

    2. The article literally says “it serves four.” And I would be surprised if several parties of four at Bones, Hal’s, name your favorite Buckhead steakhouse/golf club, etc do not spend multiples of $1,000 in a single sitting every day.

      1. Again nobody’s telling you to go to the restaurant if you don’t want to pay the money you don’t pay it but you can stop complaining unless you’ve been there you wouldn’t know how delicious the food is I’ve been there many times and I can afford to eat there

  3. I’m Looking forward to patronizing this up & coming establishment. They have an outstanding menu, that seems affordable to every price range. I can appreciate that!!!

    1. I am sure by now you have already discovered that their food is absolutely delicious and worth every nickel and by the way I feel that they are prices are very reasonable

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