AKT Fitness Opening Inman Park Studio

Debuting next month, this will be the second AKT to open in the Atlanta area.
Photo via Facebook.
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The dance-based fitness brand AKT is coming to Inman Park, according to a press release from the brand Tuesday. Franchisees Samantha Cox and Suzanne Fischer will open the studio next month on Auburn Avenue.

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AKT was founded by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser in 2013. With the opening in Inman Park, AKT now has 27 studios open across the country. 

In opening the studio, Fischer wants to create a welcoming community within Inman park where “for a little while, they can escape their troubles and just dance and sweat it out,” she said in the press release.

As Atlanta natives, Cox and Fischer are both former Pure Barre employees who were drawn to AKT after trying the workouts. Cox said in the press release, “I learned that my good friend Suzanne was also a fan of the workoutand we knew we needed to bring it to our city.”

The studio space is more reminiscent of a dance club than a workout studio, featuring dark lights, loud music, and a disco ball. The space also features a retail section with brands like Koral, Alo and Beyond Yoga.

 “We focus on getting results, but having fun underscores everything we do,” Fischer states. “Working out can be such a big part of our lives, you should be able to truly have fun while getting results.”

Paul Kim

Paul Kim is a senior at NYU studying Journalism and Public Policy with a minor in Food Studies. A Korean-Taiwanese American born and raised in Atlanta, Paul holds a special appreciation for the diverse food city that Atlanta has become in the last few years. Paul especially loves Korean food because they don't use cilantro in their dishes. Paul hates cilantro.

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  1. About 15 years ago there was a legit dance studio in Inman Park.
    At the time I was looking to switch things up a bit in my life, so I went and took classes.
    Hip-hop, jazz, and ballet– I had a blast!
    I’m not very coordinated, but I made up for it by being the class clown.
    That didn’t go over very well with the ballet teacher though.

    1. That’s awesome. You didn’t specify, so I’ll have to assume that the ballet teacher was Russian, very severe, wearing a babushka.

      1. I think she was more Frenchy-French (or a wannabe).
        I was the only male in the class– she wanted me in there because I was very flexible and had great extension.
        One day she held me after class and had a very serious conversation with me about using deodorant.
        I was like FU, I’m going back to my hip-hop class…
        Geez, life’s too short to be under the scrutiny of a dominatrix ballet instructor.

    1. They’ve got the right marketing collateral if they’re looking to get some dudes to sign up.

      1. It’s a bit much, even if they had buff dudes (for the rest of us guys), it’s still a bit much.
        And I don’t think Zoom classes are gonna pay IP rent for very long.
        Now is a really hard time for businesses, not their fault.
        Good luck ladies (and your new client base of slobbering guys)– hopefully we’ll all get through this sooner than later.

  2. This sounds like a blast while also getting a little extra quarantine weight off. I can’t wait!

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