Adidas to replace Puma at Lenox

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Will Adidas sport a second Lenox location or relocate their existing?

Adidas is reportedly opening a second Lenox Square Mall location.

The shoe retailer filed a permit with the city of Atlanta Wednesday for a tenant build-out in the now shuttered Puma space, which closed the same day.

Dustin Little, assistant manager for the current Adidas store at 3393 Peachtree Road, confirms the shoe retailer will replace Puma in the Macy’s wing but said the existing Adidas will remain open.

“Adidas is opening a different type of store,” Little said. “The more stores the better.”

Attiya, store manager at Diesel (adjacent to the now shuttered Puma), told What Now Atlanta on a trip to the Mall Saturday that Little’s story doesn’t fit.

“If you are in the Macy’s wing, you are going to make money,” Attiya said. “There is no way they will keep the other location open in an area of the mall that doesn’t see any foot traffic.”

Little did tell What Now Atlanta that the current Adidas is in a “bad location.”

Terrance Pope, a retail sales associate for T. Mobile located near Adidas’ new location, would prefer another tenant replace Puma all together.

“Adidas is always blaring music and we don’t need anymore noise up here,” Pope said. “I would rather Victoria’s Secret open there.”

Adidas’ corporate office was not immediately available for comment but our money’s on a relocation– where’s yours?

3393 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta GA, 30326

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

I REALLY hope for a relocation! The current Adidas store is far too small and it is hidden in a quiet little corner of the mall. Perhaps the new location will be an “Adidas Sport” retailer as the current one is “Adidas Originals”. These two brands are generally never sold in the same space.

9 years ago

🙁 I will miss Puma. Did they really not make money at that location?

9 years ago

Yeah why the heck did Puma close? I can’t imagine that they didn’t do well.

9 years ago

PUMA closed!?

9 years ago

How can Charlotte, NC support a Puma store but not Atlanta? Is Puma relocating at all?

9 years ago

They haven’t taken it off their website yet so perhaps they’re moving.

Commander Data
9 years ago

I read somewhere they were upgrading to Jaguar.

Randy H.
9 years ago

Apparently no one remembers that Puma closed all but one of their U.K. stores and announced plans to close a majority of U.S. stores. You can find their merchandise at Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdale’s, DSW, etc. I’m interested to see if they keep open their outlet in Dawsonville open. Rumor has it that MetroPark is considering relocation, but until C&B moves across the street I don’t see any open space for them. I am excited to see Lacoste move to Sony Style though, they really do need to expand.

9 years ago

MetroPark could use a better location.

Puma’s outlet store will probably be fine. Maybe Puma will relocate to a smaller space? The Puma store in Charlotte is pretty small, but it’s still open.

9 years ago

Thank god Lacoste is getting a new location. The main reason I never went in their current store is that it’s about the size of my closet, very claustrophobic. Also, has a new location for Crate and Barrel been confirmed?

9 years ago

Sad to hear about Puma. Where is Sony Style moving to?

9 years ago

Caleb – any news on if Puma is relocating/reopening?

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