Virtual Micro-Bakery Launching Next Week in Reynoldstown

Clive's baked goods focus on beauty, seasonality, and community
Photo: Official | Clive bagels
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A new virtual micro-bakery has baked goods that double as edible art.

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Clive, based in the Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta, has launched online and will start taking orders early next week. The bake shop creates New York style bagels, breads, cakes, and other artful provisions. Owner Mae Stewart focuses on beauty, seasonality, and community, when creating her baked goods.

“I love making bagels,” Stewart said during a phone interview on Wednesday with What Now Atlanta. “There is something so satisfying when a fresh batch of bagels come out of the oven. It’s an intoxicating feeling and smell. I want to share that joy and beauty with others.”

The menu includes the New York style bagels. There are a lot of opinions about what constitutes a true NY style bagel, but to Stewart, it means having a chewy inside and a crusty, bubbly outside.

Bagel toppings offered include both traditional and unusual choices: Everything seasoning, dried onion, poppy seed, sesame seed, za’atar, or plain.

“I hope (the za’atar is) well received because I’m excited about it,” she said. “It’s really good.”

Other menu offerings include salted tahini and dark chocolate cookies or brownies, some specialty cakes, and epi bread (“a baguette, but make it beautiful”).

Clive provisions are perfect for any gathering, or just to make any day of the week extra special.

Stewart wanted everything to be communal, perfect for small gatherings or a dinner party. Instead of a conventional bread loaf, the Clive baguette but has flourishes to be more like a pull apart piece of edible art.

Before the bakery, Stewart worked in design and was a passionate home cook.

“I’ve been trying to find my place in the food world for a while now,” she said.

After looking into the Georgia Cottage Food License, which allows operators to use their domestic home kitchen to produce products and sell directly to consumers online, Stewart came up with the idea for a virtual micro-bakery. She wanted to create beautiful baked goods that would be delicious and communal.

As a native New Yorker, she loved the idea of bringing the classic NY style bagel – with her own unique twist – to Atlanta.

“I wanted to create a beautiful new take on an old classic,” Stewart said.

She bakes with a variety of Mediterranean spices, creating savory flavors some bagel aficionados may not expect.

The beauty and art of her baked goods is an important feature to Stewart. She wants the photography, branding, and presentation to look as good as the treats taste, even using dried and edible flowers on some creations.

The bake shop is named after what she and her husband named their Reynoldstown home a few years ago. It’s a modern and sleek townhouse, she explained, and it just had “the vibe of an older, metro man” named Clive. The house itself and the kitchen seems like it was made for a food lover, she added, so it felt natural to name her new bakery venture after it.

Orders should be placed by noon on Thursday and are delivered to the greater Atlanta area every Friday. All items are made in a licensed home kitchen by a certified food handler, following Georgia Dept. of Agriculture’s food safety directives.

She’s launched the Clive Instagram to “get eyes on it” before ordering goes live on Monday.

“The response has been great. I’ve felt very supported,” she said. “I think people are excited about it.”

She excited, and a bit nervous.

“This is definitely my first big venture doing something professional in the food world,” Stewart said. “I feel really excited about it and really confident. It feels like I finally found my little space in the food world.”

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Photo: Official | Mae Stewart
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Photo: Official | Citrus olive oil cake from Clive.
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Photo: Official | Epi bread from Clive.

Sara Hall

Sara has nearly 14 years of experience as a news reporter and editor at several daily and weekly newspapers, including The Record Searchlight in Redding, Calif., The Daily Advocate in Greenville, Ohio, and most recently at the Newport Beach Independent in Newport Beach, Calif. Her work has included photography, writing, design and layout. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, traveling and spending time with her husband and pets
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14 days ago

Wow, such beautiful products!!!
I would think that some local eateries might be interested in adding these to their menu.
Your design skills translate really well into your baked goods.
Best of luck!

13 days ago

I’ll definitely be interested in trying the bagels to see if they give Emerald City some competition. Her product looks gorgeous and hopefully tastes as good. A small quibble with the article, however. The “Clive baguette” isn’t any such thing, It is — as the picture caption properly notes — a classic French loaf, an “epi”, basically connected dinner rolls that those of us who love crust really enjoy. Star Provisions and other great bakeries have offered these for many years.

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