UPDATE: Taco Diner's Midtown location costing $750,000

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UPDATE: Taco Diner's Midtown location costing $750,000

Taqueria restaurant files plans for 12th and Midtown.

Taco Diner, a traditional "Mexico City-style taqueria," is moving forward with plans for its first Atlanta location.

The taqueria submitted a building permit application with the City of Atlanta early November to build out the restaurant's "interior and exterior dining areas" at its future 12th and Midtown home.

Taco Diner will spend an estimated $750,000 building out the space, at 77 12th street, joining Cucina Asellina, ElevenPiloaRA SushiRi Ra Irish Pub, STK and sister concept Mi Cocina.

Taco Diner's Midtown location will be the taqueria's first location outside the state of Texas, according to the restaurant's website.

When Taco Diner will open has not been confirmed.

Do you think an additional Mexican establishment will thrive in Midtown, or is the salsa-overload drowning us all? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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9 responses to “UPDATE: Taco Diner's Midtown location costing $750,000

  1. It looks like Burger Fi, which is an adjacent space, has a permit of some sort hanging on their window.

    Tabla, which also is in the building looks to be opening within a couple/few weeks as it has most of the furniture in place.

    Lastly, Panera in 1010 Peachtree has about 4-6 weeks until opening it appears.

  2. Based on the prices, and the look and feel of the locations in TX, it looks like it's main competitor will be Red Pepper Taqueria. I had the pleasure of eating there last week, and it was awesome IMHO.

  3. Red Pepper is extremely underrated I think. Great food at excellent prices.

    Anwyay, $750k build out for a "cheap(er)" mexican place? I hope they have some good backers because that + lease, I can't imagine they will be making money anytime soon....

  4. There's already established chains like Taqueria del Sol, El Azteca and Uncle Julio's, so I won't give this a chance. Based on the pricey menu and how lackluster Mi Cocina is, I'd rather go down the street to enjoy fine cuisine without worrying about parking, emptying my wallet and bad service.

  5. the space is smallish. Mi Cocina will suffer, even if they are by the same folks. the numbers (build out, rent, etc.) do not add up to success there. midtown has enough mexican spots. not easy to park there. food is more authentic and great up peachtree at El Azteca. Similar taquerias, such as lime fresh did not do well in midtown.

  6. Midtown has enough Mexican places (Mi Cocina, Taco Mac, Tin Lizzy's) there really is a need for a cheap diner or Chinese place. A Fresh Market would be nice, a Dean & Deluca may be asking for too much, but an upscale grocery concept would be a smart idea.

  7. You guys are dense. Obviously you've never been to dallas and had taco diner. It's delicious. There's a reason they put their restaurants close to one another...

  8. Good luck to taco diner, the location is good, but we'll see. It does seem pretty high, like the reportedly high cost remodel by the recently failed Hola in Decatur.

    To the commenters, though: the midtown Marta station is only a 1/4 mile (5 minute) walk from these locations, so it isn't like driving is your only option...

    I'm constantly astounded by the volume of people here who willingly deny the existence of the city's rail system, especially when so many other cities across this country would give their right arm to have one. Perception-wise, you aren't doing yourselves or Atlanta any favors on the national level, especially among younger people.

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