UPDATE: Taco Diner's Midtown location costing $750,000

Taqueria restaurant files plans for 12th and Midtown.

Taco Diner, a traditional "Mexico City-style taqueria," is moving forward with plans for its first Atlanta location.

The taqueria submitted a building permit application with the City of Atlanta early November to build out the restaurant's "interior and exterior dining areas" at its future 12th and Midtown home.

Taco Diner will spend an estimated $750,000 building out the space, at 77 12th street, joining Cucina Asellina, ElevenPiloaRA SushiRi Ra Irish Pub, STK and sister concept Mi Cocina.

Taco Diner's Midtown location will be the taqueria's first location outside the state of Texas, according to the restaurant's website.

When Taco Diner will open has not been confirmed.

Do you think an additional Mexican establishment will thrive in Midtown, or is the salsa-overload drowning us all? Share your thoughts in the comments!