Update: Cafe Intermezzo to shutter its Brookwood location; plans to reopen in Midtown

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Cafe Intermezzo’s Brookwood location, courtesy of Cafe Intermezzo

European coffeehouse to relocate to 12th & Midtown development.

UPDATE (Oct. 8, 2012): Midtown’s Cafe Intermezzo waits for $800K build-out before opening

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“Midtown Mile’s” $2 billion 12th & Midtown development is adding a new restaurant tenant.

Café Intermezzo will join STK, Asselina Cucina, Ri Ra Irish Pub, RA Sushi, Mi Cocina and Piola at the landmark Midtown Atlanta mixed-use development, 12 & Midtown announced Tuesday in a press release.

The European coffeehouse will close its Brookwood location, at 1845 Peachtree Road, and reopen at the Midtown mixed-use development in November.

What Now Atlanta was the first to report last June, Cafe Intermezzo’s intent to open a Midtown location. At that time, the European coffeehouse disclosed no plans to shutter its Brookwood location.

“Café Intermezzo has long been considered a landmark destination in Atlanta and we feel privileged to bring them to 12th & Midtown,” Shirley Gouffon, senior vice president of Selig Enterprises, said in the release.

“Occupying a marquis corner adjacent to Loews Atlanta Hotel, Café Intermezzo will be a dynamic and exciting addition to 12th & Midtown.”

Brian Olson opened the first Atlanta-based European coffeehouse at Park Place in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody in 1979.

Kevin Creel, managing principal with CRESA Partners represented the tenant in this transaction.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

23 Responses

  1. Well, I wish them well. The service at all of their locations is less than stellar. They need to improve tremendously to survive in the tough midtown market.

  2. I used to go to the original location on Peachtree Road years ago until they lost their soul and became infested with posers. Most likely this one will be a clone of what is current and will most likely still be infested with the same posers and plebes. The magic eight ball says, “Outlook not so good”.

  3. Yes, I agree with szq. In fact, the Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown is in the process of terminating their lease with Cafe Intermezzo in favor of a new concept. Intermezzo has not been successful in the downtown location, partially due to bad service.

    Not sure what the new concept will be but I have heard that it will be a sports bar concept.

  4. While the Brookwood location had “personality”, I won’t miss the hard to get around tables and sticking my butt in someone’s face when I’m looking at the dessert case. And for god’s sake, LABEL the damn desserts so I don’t have to ask what every one is!!!!

  5. Wow, this is big news for me. This location was one of the first intown hangouts I had as a young adult in the late 80s/early 90s. At that time it was one of the only places in town that had a great beer selection and wasn’t a sports bar.

    I hope the new location maintains the same atmosphere instead of re-doing the concept.

    I’ve been disappointed by the vibe at the downtown Intermezzo location that opened a couple of years ago. It has a wall of TVs showing sports and, most of the times I’ve been there, they’re playing modern instead of classical music. That’s weird for a place that otherwise recreates a traditional Viennese cafe experience.

    I much prefer this Brookwood location with its lack of TV screens and classical music.

  6. Agreed — the downtown location has horrible service. I work a block away, and we desperately need something like what Cafe Intermezzo could offer . . . but the potential is not realized right now.

  7. Midtown Mile “Shopping District”
    Should be known as Restaurant District!…. Where’s all the fabulous shopping?

  8. I have known about this for months, but had no idea they were shuttering the Brookhaven location in exchange for the Midtown one. Sounds like they are trying to sell out a little more to get that late night midtown crowd. I personally never found the appeal of Intermezzo, it seems very novelty but lacks any substance.

  9. @ Sara – Yes, it is. That would require a semblance of taste and decency.

    @ T – Yeah, Mi Cocina is going to be such a boon of unique and creative dining…there’s nothing like chain Mexican in this city. Can’t wait!

    @ M – You just described 80% of Atlanta – A novelty without any substance.

  10. I hope they do well! I cannot comment about the current service in their open locations, but I do miss going to the Buckhead location (yes I am lazy and don’t drive up there much) This should be a welcome addition to Midtown – locally owned and little to no real competition. And maybe it can draw some of the starbucks crowd to a little more classy, local shop.

  11. Ohh look…the supposed long gone Urbanist who claimed he wouldnt revisit the site to complain did exactly that. Didnt take nearly as long as I thought it would.

  12. @BCATL – the truth hurts. Urbanist irks people with his pessimism. But most of the time, his points are correct.

  13. @Urbanist – Have you been to Mi Cocina? It’s a concept unlike any other mexican restaurant in Atlanta.

    @AJ – I agree with the labels. An incredibly frustrating and inefficient process.

  14. I never said I was gone for good…I mean, how many people can avoid watching a spectacular train wreck?

  15. This will be an excellent addition to Midtown. Hope they offer free wifi for day time customers.

  16. Actually now that I’ve thought about it, I’m pretty excited about this. At least it’s not a chain, and its moving to Midtown which is one of the most urban/walkable areas of Atlanta.

  17. “Actually now that I’ve thought about it, I’m pretty excited about this. At least it’s not a chain, and its moving to Midtown which is one of the most urban/walkable areas of Atlanta.”

    I’m self-flagellating as I type.

  18. I’ll miss the old Intermezzo. I had a lot of good memories there *pours out a little Mexican hot chocolate in memory*.

  19. All your first dates are at Cafe Intermezzo? (i) No wonder you keep having first dates, (ii) I’m surprised that you can keep getting them.

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