UPDATE: Latest 905 Memorial Drive Renderings Depict Street, Beltline View

New Loopnet renderings depict what the forthcoming Fuqua project might look like.

New Loopnet renderings depict what the forthcoming Fuqua project might look like, but neighborhood sources say otherwise.

Additional renderings and details of Fuqua’s forthcoming 905 Memorial Site surfaced on Loopnet late last week. The renderings depict a 3D view, including street and Beltline views. These renderings come just days after less-detailed plans were discovered on Vantage Realty Partners’ website.

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Interestingly, neighborhood tipsters familiar with the status of the project say that the renderings don’t reflect the project’s current state. According to the sources, parking spaces have been reduced significantly and no big box stores would be part of the development.

Vantage is leasing the project.

All spaces are listed as being available for lease in February 2018, according to the Loopnet listing. A total of 28,835 SF of the 32,235 SF gross leasable area is still available.

Plans feature substantially more surface parking than other existing Beltline-adjacent developments.

Some pedestrian friendly details include a restaurant with patio space, large, protected sidewalks, and a small park in front of the movie theater.

Interestingly, the rendered restaurant at the intersection of Memorial and the Beltline resembles a popular Tex-Mex restaurant. However, that doesn’t mean said restaurant is opening at the project. Rather, this is a technique developers sometimes use to pitch restauranteurs on leasing space.

All images via Loopnet. 

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Julia Sirb

Julia studied Urban Planning and Economic Development at GSU's School of Policy Studies. She is interested in the way a city's built environment, policy decisions, and economy work together to shape its culture. When not typing, she's writing calligraphy or looking for the next great shot through the lens of her medium format film camera.

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  1. makes no sense to me that more of those beltline fronting spaces don’t have outdoor patio areas

  2. This is better than nothing but Fuqua developments are so boring and that this is on the Beltline is especially painful. Atlanta Dairies rendering designs are much more representative of the people that live in the area. Why Fuqua doesn’t take notice suggests to me he’s just a jerk and won’t take a look at whats around the area and what designs are appreciated.

  3. Why are there surface parking lots. What a waste of space. It makes me feel like I am in the suburbs.
    Fuqua sucks as a developer. He has no vision.

    1. Speak the truth. All the people with access to capital (money to build things) have the most white-washed, suburban-influenced perspective. They don’t understand that biking through a disgustingly large parking lot is so crappy it will encourage people to drive .5 miles to buy a few things at Sprouts.

  4. Whoever designed this has never heard the term “urban design” Put the residential along the two streets and the commercial along I-20.
    It’s not that freaking hard to figure out

    1. I’d disagree. You should put the taller buildings behind the shorter buildings to put more eyes on the sidewalk, and allow sunlight to hit the pedestrian points. Fuqua’s development on Glennwood puts the taller buildings up front and it’s an ugly monster that will scare future beltline pedestrians from wandering to see what’s up. Plus people want to see commercial from the road, it’s free marketing. “Urban design” can’t trump business sense and community safety.

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