Turner Field scores Boners BBQ

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Barbecue food trailer to open brick and mortar location

Boners BBQ won’t have to erect their first ever storefront.

That’s because the barbecue joint “inked a deal [Monday]” for space “next to the Atlanta Braves stadium,” according to a post on their Facebook page.

Boners’ announcement was well received from Scott Matthew Rouse, who posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page in response to that status update and said, “Hells yea!”

In what Boners is referring to as making it “to fourth base,” the barbecue joint plans on opening April 8 in the former Phipps Café space at 634 Fraser street Downtown.

Located next to Azars liquor store, the restaurant will be BYOB and will have a “big deck” for patrons to sit on.

Boners BBQ first planned on opening in East Atlanta Village (EAV), prior to launching their “mobile unit,” according to Creative Loafing.

The barbecue joint was “conceived” in 2001, operating out of a food trailer for the purpose of “catering to the film and movie production industry, corporate, and private parties.”

Boners’ plan was to also start posting their mobile unit’s whereabouts through Twitter to serve patrons all over town. But it’s safe to say with the city’s recent lashings against street vendors,  that’s just a wet dream.

The barbecue joint fuses Asian, Latin, and Southern cuisine and creates dishes that include nab tempura-fried onion rings, green beans (per comment below), blue collards, baby back ribs, and pulled pork sliders.

Whether or not Boners will still open a unit in the EAV has not been confirmed.

Boners BBQ
634 Fraser St SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

We approve of this message except for the “green beans”.
We are still looking/working on multiple locations EAV is not out of the
race. This will be a commissary kitchen so that we may exit the Barley Legal status of our food truck and ease into the street scene.

9 years ago

Boners BBQ: #1 with adolescent boys everywhere.

9 years ago

@J we score high with Chicks too!

9 years ago

LOL boners

9 years ago

Boners new stationary location is great. Now I always know where I can get the best pulled pork in town. Season ticket holders are in for a treat. Baseball and ribs makes one happy man.

@J I’m 28 years old, and I like a restaurant with a good sense of humor.

9 years ago

…but what about the VIP lounge area where people can eat ribblets and have pink champagne?

9 years ago

@Mike TY
@JSM Double TY
@Tammy coming soon!

9 years ago

Why would you not sell beer to patrons who are likely about to go to and/or have just left a Braves game?

Seems like you would make a killing selling beer when there is no where else within walking distance to buy it.

9 years ago

@Max, Were working on it. Did we mention there is a liquor store next door?

9 years ago

Oh no, I feel terrible for that other great “Barbeque” restaurant across from Turner Field, The Bullpen. It would be a shame if that goes under (snicker, snicker).

9 years ago

@Harry wink wink

9 years ago

I’ve always thought those vacant storefronts on Georgia behind the Chinese Place (how are they still open???) would be a great place for a group of bars/ restaurants/ retail. They’re pretty dilapidated but how great would it be to have a pre/ post game spot within walking distance of the Ted??

I’m pumped about Boner’s! BYOB is a great idea while they work out getting licence.

9 years ago

@Ben yes we wanna work out the kinks then go for the full monty

The Gentleman Masher
9 years ago

Boners BBQ – this is awesome news! I’m hoping you lead the charge into making the Turner Field area alot more fun before and after games!

I will definitely keep a spare six-pack in the car for those games where I wanna hang out and wait for traffic to die down!

9 years ago

@Mr. Masher That works!

Josh Murtha
9 years ago

Welcome to the neighborhood.

9 years ago

@ Josh looking forward to meat~ing you

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