Tin Lizzy’s, Fresh To Order, La Tagliatella and Jazmin Spa to open at Emory Point

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Rendering courtesy of Emory Point’s website

Other signed tenants at the mixed-use development include Marlow’s Tavern, Which Wich and more.

Cousins Properties Inc. has secured more tenants for its Emory Point development.

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The company recently announced it has signed three more restaurants and a spa for the $100 million apartment and retail project across from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Amy Wenk with the Atlanta Business Chronicle (ABC) first reported.

La Tagliatella, a Madrid-based European pasta and pizza restaurant, is among the four recently signed tenants for Emory Point. La Tagliatella has more than 110 restaurants in Spain and France and chose Atlanta as the first American city to introduce its flavors, according to a press release.

Atlanta-based Tin Lizzy’s and Fresh To Order also have signed on to the property. Additionally, Jazmin Spa will open its fourth location at Emory Point.

Other retailers have signed leases including CVS pharmacy, Solar Dimensions tanning spa, Carriage Cleaners, JoS. A. Bank Clothiers, Marlow’s Tavern and Which Wich Superior Sandwiches.

Phase I of Emory Point — which includes 80,000 square feet of retail and more than 400 apartments — is set to open in late fall, according to Cousins Properties’ website.



  • No movies and no Dillard’s = no Atlantic Station. Also, people that live near Emory tend to have at least graduated from high school. This should help prevent Atlantic Station East.

  • I like Atlantic Station for its variety, but they simply need to do a better job in managing the “hood” element, if possible. Though Atlantic Station has far more to offer, I prefer shopping in East Atlanta…. sorry.

  • Yes David, but apparently they are horribly inept at interpreting statistics since the zip codes of Midtown Atlanta are among the most educated in the Southeast. Thanks for playing though.

  • I suppose people dislike Atlantic Station since it wasn’t planned as well as it should have been for Atlanta: especially regarding location to public transit access, building type aggregate, etc. It should have been more connected with direct MARTA access, a greater sense of mixed-use where residential units were not quarantined off into suburban-like residential zones, oh and it doesn’t connect as well to the surrounding neighborhoods.

    Upon my own observation I also noticed that when it rains too much of the sidewalks are laden with puddles due to inadequate drainage. The parking garage is still confusing despite the color-coded sections, and the addition of a tennis arena this spring/summer (even temporary) will render much of the town center a nightmare to walk through to the shops nearby. Plus the sidewalks roll up too early on Sundays.

  • Tyler, while I very much agree with you about the poor connectivity with the adjacent neighborhoods, I’d like to point out that it was the people in those neighborhoods who prevented the connections, not the developer. I guess the city can be faulted for not doing more to combat the “suburbs in the city” mentality of the people in Lorning Heights and to a lesser extent, Home Park. Atlanta has way too many dead ends and very poor flow through. That’s not just an Atlantic Station thing, it’s all over the city. Too bad because Atlantic Station could have been “urban glue” pulling that whole section of town together. Instead it’s just another source of traffic.

  • Guys, ixnay on the Atlantic Station bashing. Toro’s already so ashamed of it, he already thinks his favorite place to shop is ‘the Internet’.

  • Please, no burger houses, Mexican, Mediterranean and Indian. This area is drowning in these. Maybe a three level Starbucks so the students won’t be hoging all the tables at my local Panera bread. Absolutely no movie theaters!!

  • I have, against my better judgment, eaten at Tin Lizzy’s three or four times over the last few years. Just thinking about taking another meal there makes me sad. I wish Cousins had made a more inspired–and flavorful–selection.

    Oh, and for those haters of Atlantic Station who posted above, your window of opportunity for seeing movies undisturbed on the best screens in town is on a Saturday or Sunday between noon and 3:00 PM. Even an hour later and there’s a significantly greater chance you’ll be subjected to a light show of illuminated cell phones, a symphony of crosstalk between couples among among friends, audience participation and call-outs during the film, and, only on those most special of days, the smell of fried chicken or chinese takeout that has been snuck into the theater.

    p.s. And why is it that those committing the above offenses NEVER dispose of their trash in the bins provided by the theater? It takes just a second to make easier the life of someone earning $7.25 an hour.

  • Atlantic Station was financed with taxpayer money and could have been something nice that would benefit the entire city and the surrounding neighborhoods. The city had an opportunity to do something really interesting in AS. Instead it is a mediocre developed community/outdoor mall. Which is fine if we didnt sell the land at a loss and then use taxpayer money to develop it.

  • I have found Tin Lizzy’s to be overpriced, flavorless and the service to be lacking. It makes me sad to see such a rotten chain expanding.

  • JT – I appreciate your approval of my joining in on the conversation. I will take your word on Midtown being among the most educated in the southeast. I’m not sure how you measure something like that, so I won’t attempt to argue the point. However, it might be worth pointing out that being among the most educated “in the southeast” is equivalent to being the smartest female at Hampton-Sydney College.

  • Wow Urbanist changed his name to David, or David is just so enamored with Urbanist’s forced witty elitest banter that he had to do a poor job of imitating an already poor performance. You live in the south, if you don’t like it leave.

  • As JT said – you live in the south, where mediocrity, complacency, and banality are the name of the game. If you like things like innovation, creativity, vibrancy, and progressivesness, then just get the heck out of here! We don’t want yur type comin’ round heeuh no mo.

  • It doesn’t suprise me that mostly chain (albeit mostly local chains) restaurants are moving in to Emory Point. It is a large developer that is seeking out what it sees as good reliable tenants. What does suprise me is that no one has taken the old Jagger’s/Park Tavern spot in Emory Village. Does anyone know why? Too many restrictions on the space? Parking? And what would you guys like to see there? I would love to see some local pub/restaurant that would cater to the neighborhood and Emory. It would be nice not to have a place to walk to and not drive to VaHi or Decatur.

  • As JT said – you live in the south, where mediocrity, complacency, and banality are the name of the game..

    It wasn’t always like this… The smart people left long ago and went west. What remained is what you see,

  • Just FYI not that hard facts mean anything to you as your world is a dark and dreary place where you can turn any bit of information into a confirmation of the dark and depressing nature of human existence BUT 45.8% of adults in Fulton County have at least a bachelors degree. The national average is 28%. That makes Fulton not just one of the most educated areas of the southeast but of the country.

  • Also, to add to the dumb statements you have made on this thread…you don’t know how you measure that? It’s quite easy to survey people and ask do you have a college degree yes or no? I’m sorry of that is beyond your comprehension.

  • Yeah, I guess Fulton county is the only county in the south, so because Fulton county is well educated, must mean that the entire region of the south is. Oh wait, that’s not how that works? Ooops…

  • Enough blather. Can we focus on what is really important here? Me. ME! ME!!!

    Here is what it will take to make ME happy with this crapfest of a development.
    – A Barney’s (Full scale only – none of this Co-Op shiksa!)
    – A Hubert Keller restaurant
    – 2 Apple stores – one on each end
    – High speed rail directly to the front door of my glamourous lair
    – IQ testing stations. (Under 120? Stay at Wal-Mart dear)

    If the city of Atlanta can supply these options, maybe I’ll consider not leaving so quickly. Maybe.

  • I didn’t say the South was, I said Atlanta was. Sorry David, one of the flaws of typing on a smartphone, you know, one of those new fangled elitist devices that us educated folks use to stay organized. Keep grasping at those straws, buddy.

  • Also @ Urbanist, you are nothing more than a sad and depressing human being with what seems to be limited intelligence and even more limited reasoning skills. This is further magnified by your insistence that education is somehow tied to intelligence. Any moron can take orders and turn in assignments. Are most intelligent people educated? Of course. But trust me, most educated people are not intelligent.

  • Folks, do you have to flame each other, really? Can we at least keep the discussion on subject…I have to agree that it would be nice to see something new and not same old stuff different development. Gets tired and boring more often than not.

  • Urbanist:

    I guess since the population of Atlanta increased by a net total of 5,000 in the last 10 years, that means Midtown’s population couldn’t possibly have increased by more than 5,000 in the same time period.

    Oh, wait you mean thats not how it works? (LOL, it took you about 4 months and three articles to figure that one out)….

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