The Goat Club Slated to Open Early-Summer 2020 on Cheshire Bridge

Nightclub and lounge is currently in permitting.

Across a five-month span, Osman Sak went from crowdsourcing suggestions for a retail space between Georgia Tech and Cheshire Bridge, to landing and leasing a 1960s standalone for what will be The Goat Club nightclub and lounge.

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Permitting for the project, seeking to convert a former retail space, at 2200 Cheshire Bridge, into The Goat Club, is now underway.

Key construction to the 6,494-square-foot space includes a new front door and the addition of a bar and is expected to cost $125,000.

Barring any permitting issues, contractors working on the re-fit shared with What Now Atlanta over the phone and email said they expect an end-of-January 2020 permit issuance.

Once the permit is issued, construction can begin, and tracking toward an early-summer 2020 completion is likely.

Sak has previously been affiliated with Blue Buckhead Hookah Lounge and DS17 Lounge, a concept by former Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Shroeder, that closed in 2016.


Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.
Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.

7 Responses

  1. So glad DS17 closed down. That Buckhead neighborhood grew tired to the gunshots – maybe Cheshire Bridge will be more hospitable.

    1. Gunshots are the norm on & near Cheshire Bridge-all it needs is another seedy “nightclub”. Thanks new owner for your non concern for goodness. SMH

  2. Oh goodie- yet another stripper-prostitute-drug dealing-meat market club on Cheshire Bridge. An embarrassment to truly good people in Atlanta who live nearby in good neighborhoods.

    1. James, take your pathetic opinions and move somewhere where your shame of the surrounding neighborhood that you chose to live in isnt causing you so much distress. You know what I’m sick of? People like you who are quick to judge and behave self-righteously even while you no doubt frequent the very venues you condemn. LGBTQ culture in Atlanta is being strangled to death by people like you and as if that isn’t enough, its being strangled by a pandemic where sustainability has taken the back seat. I hear that Marietta or some white subburb like Alpharetta will be much your speed for years to come.

  3. As a long-time resident of the area, a club without adequate parking and extended hours is the last thing Cheshire Bridge need as the area tries to become a respectable in-town neighborhood area. Time to turn the page on what CBR was and turn it into a new community vision. Imagine an area like that off of Dresden in Brookhaven. Time for the area to grow up.

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