The Glenwood reopens

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For now

The Glenwood reopened for business last night after shuttering earlier this month (story here).

An employee at the gastropub, located in East Atlanta at 1263 Glenwood Avenue, confirmed over the phone that The Glenwood reopened for business on Jan. 14.

Edward Gilgor, chair of the East Atlanta Community Association (EACA), sent out an email to community subscribers, urging them to patronize the gastropub.

“The Glenwood is open for business. I would encourage anyone who wishes it to remain open to support it by going there.”

Signs posted on the restaurant announced they’d close for a week to “renovate.” Reports indicate the restaurant actually closed to gather funds to renew their liquor license.

Cliff Bostock was the first to report their closure and since then, has received a comment on his posing from Dan Simpson, managing partner for The Glenwood countering the reports of their closure:

Hold on.. Wait a minute! Cliff, I appreciate the words of concern but news of the demise of The Glenwood is greatly exaggerated. Yes, we are closed temporarily. And yes, our liquor license has not been renewed…yet. But several friends of The Glenwood have stepped up and it looks as if we’ll have the funding to renew and move forward if we can come to terms- and I think we can. It was touching to read the kind words posted by your readers. And thanks for your concern. But failure is not an option. Cheers and see you all real soon. Dan Simpson, managing partner

They’re lucky to have friends who will lick their wounds. What happens when they lose an appendage or two?

The Glenwood Atlanta
1263 Glenwood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30316

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

this is getting ridiculous when people are begging others to patronize a place just to keep it in business. ever think they’re not making any money for a reason? atlanta restaurants are dropping faster than flies. what a shame.

9 years ago

I completely agree with Johnny! I think The Glenwood made some very bad business decisions in the past. What makes us think that will change? Asking for community donations to a business. Puleeze!

9 years ago

UGH! we went to the Glenwood for the Falcons game (double ugh) and both ordered burgers medium rare. came out like a hockey puck with just cheese. No tomato, lettuce or a pickle even!? I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are still working things out, but I hold out little hope for their long term success at this point. It’s a lovely space though, so I hope they can pull it together.

9 years ago

Is it necessary to Kick them when they are down? I will do whatever I can to support the Glenwood. It is the location of many fun outings and Birthday celebrations for me and many of my friends. Yes I’ve had a bad experience there before… just like I’ve had bad experiences at many places… but the Glenwood is in my neighborhood and i will assist them in their efforts to succeed … I don’t think its ridiculous at all to support our village business owners… and I think to use the word “begging” is a little strong.

9 years ago

I went a week ago and found it closed again.

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