Headlines Bar & Grill slated for $1.2 Million renovation

Philips Arena restaurant to undergo remodel. UPDATE (Dec. 4, 2011): [Renderings] Philips Arena collaborating with Buckhead Life’s Pano Karatassos to open $2 million restaurant Headlines Bar & Grill at Philips Arena is scheduled for a major remodel. The 14,000-square-foot Downtown restaurant will undergo interior renovations, according to a permit filed with City of Atlanta Friday. … Continued

The Social House temporarily closes for renovations

Restaurant turns introvert. UPDATE (August 25, 2011): Social House closes; Owner puts it up for sale The Social House on Howell Mill Road has temporarily closed. Lorenzo Wyche, the restaurant's owner, told What Now Atlanta in an email Monday the restaurant has closed for minor renovations. "I'm in the process of doing a small renovation. … Continued

Renovation plans surface for underground club

MJQ Concourse owner sheds light on extensive interior remodel Has dim lighting and vibrantly painted walls allowed MJQ Concourse, Atlanta's 14-year-old subterranean nightclub, go without renovation? "Paint here and there" account for the club's only remodeling since opening in 1997, according to Ben Rhoades, owner of MJQ (lipstick on a pig only goes so far). … Continued

The Firkin and Lindbergh Pub claims they've closed for 'renovations'

Neighbor says they may have closed for good The Firkin and Lindbergh has temporarily closed at its location in Lindbergh Center City. Patrons of the pub at 541 Main Street are surprised to find that the restaurant is already renovating after less than two years in business. So are we. "The Lindbergh is temporarily closed … Continued