Iconic Nickiemoto's sign spotted in flat bed truck off Delk Road

But where the heck is the 12 year old restaurant sign going? 5 napkin burger officially took over the shuttered Nickiemoto's space today after the restaurant closed on Dec. 12. Pictured above, the Nickiemoto's marquee was spotted by reader Kevin Leonard, at the Race Trac on Delk Road. But where the heck is it headed? … Continued

Bitch feud on Twitter: Will Chow Baby on Ponce de Leon Fail?

Our competitor says yes. We say: No. What say ye? Twitter is a buzz with our competitor's contention that the new Chow Baby, which opened yesterday on Ponce de Leon avenue, is going to die before its first breath. Here is the tweet that set everything off: "My first new addition to DeathWatch 2011 : … Continued

Moe's and Joe's Tavern grills YEAH! Burger

Is this sign the start of Atlanta's in town burger wars? Several passersby were troubled to see the above sign displayed predominately on the gate of Moe's and Joe's Tavern in Virginia Highland. Curious ourselves, we stopped by the Tavern where we were informed by management that the sign was making a jab at the … Continued

Greetings ATL from NYC! Check out "Peach State of Mind"

NYC: You Wish You Were Cool Like The ATL httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbg8-DwNDwM Blogging from NYC feeling inspired from Jay-Z's song, Empire State of Mind.  Thanks to what now, atlanta? reader Scott for giving us the heads up on Peach State of Mind (Empire State of Mind parody).  Check it out! Please take note that there is some questionable … Continued