Steak Market to Serve Gold-Encrusted Steaks and a Gold-Star Experience in Midtown

Dry-aged steaks and hundreds of world-class scotch and whiskey options await future customers in space formerly home to Straits by Ludacris
Steak Market to Serve Gold-Encrusted Steaks and a Gold-Star Experience in Midtown
Photo: Simon's
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If you’re on the hunt for a rare, luxury treat in Midtown this Spring, why not splurge and sink your teeth into a gold-leaf encrusted steak (if you can afford it)? Steak Market, a combination steakhouse and high-end meat market, will bring blinged-out meats and really, really fine dining to the storied former site of hip-hop artist Ludacris’ StraitsTime Restaurant and Lounge and, most recently, Simon’s at 793 Juniper St. NE, this April. 

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A selection of over 300 scotch and whiskey options, Kemal Karsli told What Now Atlanta, will be available alongside a “notable craft cocktail menu and… carefully selected wines” for guests to pair with dry-aged steaks and seafood.

Karsli, the owner of Rozina Bakehouse and Sebastian Pintxos Bar, is the CEO of Steak Market, Inc., according to documents filed with the Georgia Secretary of State on January 7 and registered through 2023; another of Karsli’s restaurants situated across the street from the upcoming restaurant, Sivas Hookah Lounge, is listed as the business’s principal office address. However, Karsli said that he merely “developed the concept” for Steak Market, Inc. and that Tarik Gozel is its owner.

“Honestly, it’s been a long time goal of ours to introduce great steaks to the Midtown area,” said Gozel. “That idea was in the works for a while now, and we’re finally able to deliver when the time comes.”

Karsli and Gozel said that the restaurant’s atmosphere would be “stunning” and “beautiful,” respectively. Gozel said that the pair is currently working with designers to “bring really good lighting and really nice seating areas” to the building.

Per the restaurant’s name, customers will be able to take a component of their indulgent experience home by purchasing cuts of meat that they enjoyed over dinner at the establishment’s meat market. The pair said that a liquor license for the building is currently in the works and that their menu is still in development.

Christina Coulter

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    1. This will last as long as the owners want to pour money in it. I hate being negative about Atlanta restaurants, but this concept has no chance of survival. Atlanta doesn’t spend money at restaurants that are fancy for fancy’s sake (“gold-leaf encrusted steak”).

      1. Normally, I would agree … but I’m sure they see how well Sugar Factory is doing and they’re trying to capture some of the “more money than sense” crowd.

          1. The reviews are bad but the place is still packed. Like I said, the “more money than sense” crowd.

  1. Unfortunately Sivas Lounge, IMO, has gone way downhill in the last 1 – 2 years. It used to have good service and good Mediterranean food, but the last 3 times we tried it, both were below acceptable. Have not been back since Covid. As for his plans for the 793 Juniper space, I am skeptical. No parking, issues with the building (although the lower level water issues seem resolved) and a history of restaurants opening and closing are challenges. Finally, while steaks and whiskies/bourbons are popular, not sure they can last at this high price range in this location. We shall see. Lets hope they manage the property and business well so there are not big negatives to the residents and the neighborhood – ie noise, parking etc.

  2. Gold encrusted steak? I have nothing against fine dining, but doesn’t this seem particularly obnoxious, considering the number of people here in Atlanta waiting in line at food banks?

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