Shaun Doty Shutters Bantam + Biddy, Opening The Federal In Its Place

Sunday was the Crescent Avenue location's last day in business.

Sunday was the Crescent Avenue location’s last day in business.

UPDATE (Sept. 22, 2016): Update: Details Emerge For Shaun Doty’s New Concept, The Federal

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Atlanta is now short one Bantam + Biddy.

Shaun Doty, the restauranteur behind the rotisserie and fried chicken concept, shuttered the brand’s Midtown location, at 1050 Crescent Ave NE.

Sunday, September 18, was the restaurant’s last day in business, according to signage posted to Bantam + Biddy’s front door.

But Doty isn’t done with the space.

The longtime Atlanta chef is opening a new concept in Bantam + Biddy’s place called The Federal, that will offer a “bistro-style breakfast and lunch” and a “classic fine dining experience for dinner.”

The Federal could open its doors in November, according to the signage.

Bantam + Biddy in Ansley Mall, Avalon, Lenox Square, and sister concept Chick-a-biddy in Atlantic Station, will remain open.

Doty first made a name for himself in Atlanta when he opened Shaun’s in Inman Park in 2006 and founded Yeah! Burger in 2010.

Doty was not immediately available for comment.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

2 Responses

  1. The problem at B&B isn’t the food. The service is awful!!! Completely disorganized, full of dirty tables and a different staff every time I went there. Changing the name or menu can’t fix bad management!!!

    1. I agree, Elizabeth. Hipper restaurants was young, pretty, hip servers and ignore the experienced mom over 30 who would get the job done. I don’t blame the servers. I blame management. I have see most of these stores in operation and know just how to fix it. TD

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