Sage Clothing boutique closes in Midtown

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Clothing retailer shutters location after 8 years

Midtown’s Sage Clothing boutique has closed after eight years in business.

Located at 1745 Peachtree Street in the Brookwood Place Shopping Center, owner Shannon Kitchens confirmed the clothing store’s last day was Tuesday, Feb. 22.

Kitchens attributes their closure to the predetermined desire to relocate the clothing store’s Midtown location when the lease was up for renewal.

“It’s not like we’re closing. Our lease is just up,” said Kitchens.

Borders Bookstore recently closed at Brookwood Place and is one of the reasons Sage decided against renewing their lease, according to Kitchens.

“With Borders closing and with the current state of the Brookwood Place Shopping Center, it didn’t make sense to renew our lease.”

With another location in Buckhead just “three miles up the road,” Kitchen told What Now Atlanta she hopes to open a new Midtown location this fall, “further apart from the Buckhead location.”

The new location will be located on “Peachtree Street bewteen 10th and 17th.”

Sage Clothing has three other locations: East Cobb, Buckhead and Forsyth.

(H/T to reader Jeff Schade for the story lead)

Sage Clothing
1745 Peachtree St NE # L
Atlanta, GA 30309

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

7 Responses

  1. Brookwood is Brookwood. It is NOT in Midtown by any stretch. I would not say that Sage has closed their Midtown Store. They closed their store in Brookwood.

  2. Well that’s good news for the Midtown Mile! I hope she relocates over there… CB2 needs some neighbors.

  3. There’s actually a sign welcoming you to the “Buckhead Community” on the south entrance of that Brookwood shopping center. So it’s definitely in south Buckhead or SoBu as I’ve heard it called — though I’m not crazy about that name. I can understand why someone would want to claim a Midtown location (even if it’s incorrect) rather than a SoBu one.

    Anyway, they’ll certainly be better off abandoning this awkward shopping center (I’ve got a grudge against it because it’s so hard to enter the Kroger as a pedestrian from Peachtree) and moving to the real Midtown.

  4. Seriously, can any decent retail survive at that plaza. I would think it would do better than it has. It’s kinda sad because there’s certainly good upscale resdential areas around there. And that Kroger has to be the worst in the area. It’s like it gets all the rejected meats and produce from Ansley Mall Kroger.

  5. South Buckhead my ass. Its BROOKWOOD! That is the historical name of this neighborhood.

    Calling it Buckhead, no matter what some signs says, is dumber than calling it Midtown IMO. And yes I know that several years ago they changed what is called Butthead to be this gigantic 1/5th of the city which was also DUMB.

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