Rosebud Owner To Open Bar Across The Street

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Rosebud Owner To Open Bar Across The Street

ron eyester opening the family dog in morningside ~ what now, atlanta?

"If I Could Name This Place The F*cking Bar, That Would Be Its Name" -- Ron Eyester

But that's not its f*cking name.

Chef Ron Eyester, who owns Rosebud in Morningside, is in the design stages of his newest venture at 1402 N. Highland Avenue, The Family Dog that is slated to open in time for New Years Eve, 2011.

Opening in space that was most recently Pomodoro Italian Restaurant that closed back in April (story here), Eyester says The Family Dog will be a neighborhood pub that will compliment what they've done at Rosebud.

"Think farm to table bar food," said Eyester. "It's going to be wings and other foods that people expect from bars."

What it won't be is a Gastro pub and Eyester adds it is what it is. "If I could name this place The F*cking Bar, that would be its name."

Keeping the continuity among brands, Eyester is naming the bar after The Family Dog, an old music venue in San Francisco where Grateful Dead played at in the late 60's and early 70's. Rosebud was the name of one of Jerry Garcia’s guitars, lead songwriter, guitarist and singer for Grateful Dead.

Eyester plans on incorporating music through an authentic Jukebox and a live two to three man band.

As for where Eyester will spend most of his time, you'll find him at both spots he says. "That's why I am opening it across the street. It's one of those things where you can virtually be at two places at one time."

The Family Dog
1402 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta GA, 30306

The Family Dog

1402 N. Highland Avenue Atlanta GA, 30306
Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Atlanta (WNA). He was featured in The New York Times, Creative Loafing's "20 People to Watch," named "Lifestyle Blogger You Need To Know" by Rolling Out Magazine and highlighted as Atlanta's Metropolitan Male in fashion magazine, 944. WNA has been named "Best of Atlanta" by Creative Loafing, and Atlanta and Jezebel Magazines.

9 responses to “Rosebud Owner To Open Bar Across The Street

  1. This looks like more of the crap moving in that block and shoving out Caramba Cafe, Movies Worth Seeing, Mambo, and a whole slew of other places. Thanks a lot, Morningside can't wait to have the Virginia Highlands drunks wandering about.

  2. Not sure what Thanks is trying to say. I mean, is a half mile that removed from Va Ave? And did Mia not make the most potent margaritas ever at Caramba Cafe (RIP)? What's wrong with a bar opening on this block? We used to have Caramba and now have...nothing. Eyester may be pretentious (seems possible, but I don't know the guy), but the block could use a watering hole. Way to judge without going once.

    And like the Va High crews will be leaving Neighbors, Hand In Hand, Dark Horse, etc for...The Family Dog?

    As if.

  3. I checked this place out last night and they did a fantastic job on the renovation/build out. It is cool, yet not pretentious, not Buckhead, the menu needs some work but this place is going to do very well with the high income 30 - 45 year old neighborhood locals.

  4. Just passed by the Family Dog, I didn't know it was opening.... We've needed a watering hole since Caramba closed.. Yay!!!

  5. We stopped at the bar/restaurant last night and were quite disappointed. This place is simply just a bar with a very limited menu. We paid $8 for a fried bologna sandwich... NO SIDES either. $8 was way too much. The food was average at best and not worth price. We also had the sausage and peppers which was $8 and average. The place is ok for drinks but not to dine. It is VERY LOUD inside due to the high ceilings.

  6. The Family Dog equals "stink."
    Sure, I know "The Family Dog" is a place where the Grateful Dead hung out 40 years ago, but why would anyone normally know that? It typifies the kind of arrogance and near-pathological self-aggrandizement that infests this place. Look, I don't want dogs anywhere near where I eat either, but if you open a restaurant in the most kid-friendly, dog-friendly neighborhood in Atlanta what do you expect when you name your place the Family Dog? That's right: families and dogs to show up. Owner Ron Eyester is on record saying he wants neither in his establishment. He used that name because he is a pathological Dead Head and wants to force the quasi-religion of the "Dead" on everyone else. To him, everyone SHOULD know what the original Family Dog was, so he is going to operate under that delusion.

    Hey, I liked the Grateful Dead back in "the day," but I got news for you, Ron: The Dead are dead and have been for over two decades. Get over it. There were far, far better bands to come out of San Francisco, not to mention the rest of the world. Eyester's contempt for non-Dead worshipers naturally extends his resentment to the general population—most of whom unsurprisingly fall into the category of non-Grateful Dead fans.

    My question is why would a misanthrope open a bar? He clearly doesn't want people to come in. This place is so loud you can't have a conversation. There are no substitutions, even simple ones, on the menu. No kids or kids menu. It is freezing cold. The list goes on. It is the manifestation of one man's conceit, which would not be so bad if that man were a thoughtful, generous person (see "George's" down the street.) Instead, Eyester is a middle-age, over-weight, wanna-be, wish-I-were rock star never was. I hope this place dies a quick death. Even if it were a good bar I would not want to support such a disagreeable, self-absorbed and disturbed person. A pox on the house of Eyester! He is the self-proclaimed "Angry Chef," but he is more the "Obnoxious, Fat Chef."

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