Relish Restaurant Will Close December 31 Making Way For New Concept, Pico Auténtico

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Relishing New Condiment Named Restaurants

The Condiment Group announced today via e-mail newsletter that Relish Restaurant, located in historic Roswell, will cease operation on December 31, 2010.

Relish is survived by older sister, The Fickle Pickle Café, and cousin, All Y’alls Wine & Gourmet Market.

“We’ve had a notable few years here at Relish,” said owner and chef Andy Badgett. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and the reputation we’ve built. However, we see trends changing in suburban dining and we want to be ahead of the curve.”

The Condiment Group plans on replacing Relish with a new concept in late January, Pico Auténtico. The new restaurant will offer Mexican cuisine under chef Andy Badgett.

“Of course saying good-bye to Relish is bittersweet for us, but we’re really excited about the new chapter ahead for The Condiment Group and creating a way for even more people to enjoy our food at Pico Auténtico,” said Badgett.

“And, Relish won’t be completely buried as fans will likely find some hints of Relish favorites on Pico’s menu come January.”

More from the newsletter:

Final respects may be paid over the next two months at Relish, located at 590 Mimosa Boulevard in the heart of Roswell. In lieu of flowers, please come and enjoy your favorite Relish menu items as they fade off the menu and cease completely at the end of December.

For more information about Relish and her final days as well as the latest updates on the new Pico Auténtico, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @CondimentGroup.

Relish Restaurant
590 Mimosa Boulevard
Roswell, GA 30075

Thanks to Maura Neill with for forwarding the newsletter!

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

Oh how exciting and original – another Mexican concept.

Might as well read “we are not creative enough to operate a unique restaurant even though we are surrounded by miles of million $ homes, so we’ll just change it into yet another Mexican restaurant.”

Such a lame thing to do. Might as well close it and save their dignity.

9 years ago

The people of East Cobb are to blame. This is the best restaurant in the area, by far, and they just didn’t get enough support to stay open as is. The “Jonathan” poster is wrong and incredibly rude. People are in business to make money and they see all the East Cobb ant hill people lining up to eat cheap and nasty Mexican food in every strip mall around. I don’t blame the owners for going in that direction. They want to make money too. Coming from the people behind Relish I am betting on the new restaurant being excellent… Read more »

9 years ago

No, Jay, you are wrong. Relish had a great concept that fit a niche in the area. They failed because of lack of proper marketing – probably the top reason for any restaurant’s failure. If you want to label someone “rude” you might want to refrain from being rude in your own post by stereotyping all of the East Cobb residents.

I wish the Relish folks all the best, and I’m sure their Mexican fare will be a step above the rest.

9 years ago

I cannot believe this — that place has been full to crowded every single time I have been in there! The BEST BRUNCH for miles around this area. The last thing East Cobb/Roswell needs is another Mexican Restaurant, in fact that market is so oversaturated I am surprised a proprietor could even get a business plan approved for funding! Lordy, lordy, where are we s’posed to go for a nice adult evening?

9 years ago

Doesn’t matter … Mexican or whatever. If they don’t do something about the acoustics there, any type of eatery is going to fail. That place is uncomfortably LOUD!

9 years ago

We will miss relish. But we know the creative forces that made relish a hit will make Pico steps above the rest. Looking forward to something new!!!

stella shoup
9 years ago

I agree with Jonathan. The problems had more to do with the lack of proper marketing. I went there after about a two year miss and had some of the best scallops I have ever eated. Of course I vowed to go back but they closed three weeks later. I thought…why did I go two years without eating here at least once a month? Just sort of out of sight, out of mind, I guess. The atmosphere could have used a bit of “warming up” but the food had a unique style which was nice for the southern historic town… Read more »

9 years ago

One more thing..I do wish the owners good luck as I know the business is tough. And…if this fails, please bring us an Asher and I promise to support!

9 years ago

Its not in East Cobb Jay and also the whole things creepy considering it was made out of a funeral home. on a side not the new mexican place is quite good.

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