‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Peter Thomas to open Bar One in Grant Park

peter thomas and cynthia bailey ~ what now atlanta
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Peter Thomas and wife Cynthia Bailey

Can reality T.V. make a failed restauranteur successful?

God, let’s hope so. Because if air time on Bravo doesn’t make Peter Thomas’ restaurant a success, he’ll have to resort to singing back-up for Kim Zolciak.

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Peter Thomas (husband to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey) is opening Bar One — a tapas and music centric bar and lounge — late July on Memorial Drive, according to the restaurant’s expensive Blogspot-powered “website.”

Bar One will replace the now shuttered Redfish Bistro El Toro restaurant (Redfish Bistro before that).

“Bar One will open its doors to the public late July with a grand opening affair where it will present its food and bar selections,” according to their Blogspot.

“With complimentary valet offered at all times, bar One has set its sights on not being your run-of-the-mill bar/lounge, but plans to offer an array of tapas for the discerning and diverse palate while providing music from an eclectic mix of local, national, and international DJs.”

Oh, the imagery (more details, bless your heart, can be found here).

Thomas hasn’t had the best restaurant success (Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, a previous venture, closed last year) but at least he isn’t naming his new venture “Peter Thomas’ Bar and Lounge” like the overly-creative Frank Ski, V-103 morning show host.


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  1. A friend and I drove by this place last weekend and were commenting on how ghetto it looked. Now I read that peter Thomass is connected and it all makes sense. Redfish did a good job with this space, and every subsequent tenant has taken it further downmarket.

  2. I live right down the street from this place and it’s already unpopular with the residents due to it’s opening night having major overflow parking, no liquor license (it was a BYOB night, which doesn’t skirt the law), and definitely violated noise ordinances. The GPNA is pretty rabid about businesses moving in and not introducing themselves to the neighborhood or not procuring the proper permits. Hopefully it will be successful, but due to the location and lack of overall parking I think it’s going to suffer the fate of El Toro and Redfish.

  3. From their website: Driven by the fusion of music, eclectic Caribbean inspired tapas, and spirits, bar One will without a doubt quell the curiosity of its presence in the in Grant Park neighborhood by introducing to Grant Park something that it has not yet seen but certainly needs to round out the social scene. bar One is for everyone whose lifestyle is not driven by the trend but by the desire to experience true pleasure in their social excursions.

    Who the HELL is writing this stuff? Sometimes you say more by saying less, and vice versa.

  4. sounds like this club would be better suited for the Underground or Atlantic Station than Grant Park.

  5. Wow, they used Blogspot for their website. Talk about cheap. This place is destined for disaster if they’re cutting corners in their site design and offering that much information. In fact, the site takes a hit at the Grant Park/Cabbagetown community in its descriptions and goals. This section of Atlanta is a pretty eclectic and rowdy bunch. Failure seems imminent.

  6. I think there is a positive trend in that there are more openings being reported than closings. Great news for Atlanta and growth. However, I think we will get a report soon about the closing of this place.

  7. They do not have a liquor license and didn’t bother initially to get proper permits, at least one stop work order was issued.
    They also have bothered to contact Grant Park or the neighborhood most affected across Memorial Drive, Cabbagetown, which is adamantly opposed for the most part because of noise and traffic.

  8. I visited the blog entry on this place, and find it telling that bar One did not publish the kind of music venue it is going to be.

    Why won’t they tell the public what kind of music the “local, national and international DJ’s” will be playing?



  9. Another crappy place calling themselves a “tapas” place. Boy I tell you, people can’t even come up with their own ideas for restaurants now. Reading the other comments from residents in the neighborhood, they want something they didn’t prepare for. You want a big crowd, be in a big crowd place. You can’t be in a family neighborhood with a place that doesn’t cater to families, duh! Not wishing failure, but I am so tired of seeing, everyday, a new food place taking up space for something that could be giving back or owned by someone who gives back to this city other than taking and treating the customer like crap!!! Again, just my opinion.

  10. Great – further contributing to the alarming trend of “darkening” Memorial Drive venues. Sure to attract posing players and the tramps that hang with them. Such grandiose and vague web site writing can only appeal to those who want to be perceived as grander than they are. Ghetto Fabulous!

  11. Trust me, nobody from Grant Park or Cabbagetown will set foot in this place. Oh yeah and current residents around this area….be prepared for an uptick in crime. Just like when Vino Libro was in Glenwood Park…..it shut down and surprisingly the crime went with it. Weird how that works…….

  12. It is funny how people Hate on something until it is successful, then they still try to find a way to talk bad if there not part of it. Ive been to Bar One on a Friday & a Saturday and both times it was Poppin! Great Food & some of the Best looking women in Atlanta.. We go on Wednesdays now cause its not so packed as the weekends but still good music & great Vibe. I guess the people from 2011 pre-judged it or jumped the gun before tasting the food or going. This has got to be one of the Best location in Grant Park right now..

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