Pullman Yards Announces New ‘Drinks Hall’ Concept, AlcoHall at Pullman

Much like a food hall, each vendor will offer its own unique brand experience at its own price point, and will showcase everything from limited-edition selections to signature sips.
Pullman Yards Announces New ‘Drink Hall’ Concept, AlcoHall at Pullman
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Adam Rosenfelt and Maureen Meulen, the team behind creative complex and lifestyle hub, Pullman Yards, announced today their newest concept, AlcoHall at Pullman, a multi-vendor beverage hall that’s slated to open late spring.

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“We do a lot of experiential things,” Rosenfelt tells What Now Atlanta of Pullman Yards’ programming. “The genesis [for AlcoHall] was the notion of…marrying a food hall concept which offers variety, with a distillery/brewery/winery which doesn’t offer variety in terms of brands and categories – the idea of marrying them and making the alcohol itself the experience was what sort of sparked the idea.” 

AlcoHall will feature stalls hosted by brands such as Wicked Weed and Desert Door, adopting Pullman’s “go big or go home” mentality while creating experiences no amount of booze can make you forget, from mechanical bulls and billiards to live music and a sports “bar.”

Open daily, AlcoHall will operate in a choose-your-own-adventure style – whether that’s tequila tastings, beer taps, or bourbon discovery. Unlike an independent brewery, distillery or vineyard, at AlcoHall, the world is truly your oyster – or should we say round of shots: you have the opportunity to not only learn more about and visit with several brands but also try as many as you’d like and take in the activities, all under one roof.

Each stall will offer its own unique brand experience at its own price point, and will showcase everything from limited-edition selections to signature sips, and like a food hall, you simply pay where you enjoy.

“It’s sort of consistent with the experiential aspects,” says Rosenfelt. “I think we can envision guest brands, seasonal brands and seasonal categories, things like that to enhance some rotation within the categories. But right now we’re really happy with how we’ve curated this first round of a lineup, and really, we picked brands that we thought told a good story, so when customers are sitting down…they also learn the history and the process and how it came about.”

The lineup for AlcoHall’s first phase of vendors includes a slate of reliable names including Wicked Weed, Short Barrel, Three Chord Bourbon, House of Suntory, Desert Door, Babylonstoren Winery, and Don Papa Rum. 

“No one has ever heard of this concept before, so once [the vendors] understood the pitch, they jumped on pretty immediately,” says Rosenfelt.

AlcoHall will be located in Pullman’s 17,400 square-foot “building one” – the former engineering & upholstery shop – and open into the Rail Park, where lawn games, bocce ball, and pickleball courts are available as well as access to on-site restaurants Dailies & Sides and Fishmonger.

“Pullman Yards is always about creating unique experiences, and this one is no different. We want to highlight brands with unique stories that may not be as readily accessible in Atlanta, and activate them in ways you don’t get at a traditional brewery, distillery or vineyard experience,” says Meulen. “This city has so many incredible options but we always look to deliver something different when planning our experiences. When presented, the concept of not one brewery or distillery, but multiple options to choose from, really struck a chord with us. Think of groups who have one wine drinker, one whiskey aficionado, and one beer lover. It’s all here, and it will be a fun space to spend a weekend, a weeknight, or even book for your next private or corporate event.”

This article was taken from a press release shared with What Now Atlanta.

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