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Hendley Landscaping & Horticultural Services, Inc.

Hendley Landscaping & Horticultural Services, Inc. strives to be a company that takes care of all your horticultural, gardening, plant/soil diagnosis, design, interior-scape and landscaping needs, we are a full services, year-round firm, that has been meeting the needs of residential, industrial, governmental and commercial clients within the State Of Georgia since our inception on April 15, 1992.

Why Choose Hendley?

Innovative Solutions

Hendley builds commitment solutions that will lead to targeted and tangible results. We embrace technology and collaboration for customized, ostentation, and utopian outcomes, which often exceed the unique client desires. The Hendley experience is faced with standards that are deeply rooted in constant and open communication with each client from start to finish of each and every project. Hendley staff members are trained to ongoing communication with each client and management to avoid any potential for undesirable outcomes.

Undeniable Experience and Expertise

Our company foundation is layered with principles and credentials conformity, ethics, morally, and integrity. Many of our credentials hale from the American Horticultural Society, Georgia Master Gardner Association, including state and local colleges, universities, as well as other local city and state government affiliates.

Personalized Attention

At Hendley, every client and their project is important, we value every client are valuable to us. We pay close attention to Your project, with the very core details that encompass your valuable trust. We value every client, no matter the size, scope, or investment by the client! Our staff are trained to prioritize and focus on the delivery of “step-by-step, client approved, design specific, installation services. Our emphases quality and focus on designing with the work ethic instilled in the owner, by his late father, E. M. Hendley, who quoted to his son, “Do the job right the first time, so you won't have to go back and do the same job twice." We at Hendley pride ourselves consistently on that core value since the inception of business, and actively live and provide services by the Hendley legacy for years to come.

Phone: 678-786-8047 ext 10
Primary Services
  • Soil & Plant Analysis {interior-scape & exterior}
  • Interior-scape plants / exterior plants
  • Landscape / Irrigation / Gardening & Interior-scape Design
  • Horticultural Lounge & Solarium Plants {Ornamental & Herbaceous Specimen}
  • New Landscape & Horticulture Construction
  • Planting – Planters install / Aquatic {water features}
  • Landscape & Horticulture Renovation
  • Hard-scape {landscape pavers / design installation}
  • Irrigation & Drip / Design Installation
  • Deck, Patio, Pergolas & mini Christmas plant installation
  • Turf Installation & Landscape Maintenance

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Anton Bellos

Operational Manager