Poach Brunch Bar Is the Final Tenant to Round Out ‘NeighborGoods’ in Summerhill

Restaurant will offer healthy breakfast and lunch fare options for an area that has been designated a food desert.

“Brunch bar” Poach is coming soon to the Summerhill neighborhood of Atlanta.

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The restaurant will be part of the three-unit development dubbed Summerhill “NeighborGoods,” Benjamin McLoughlin of Haverhill Holdings confirmed over the phone Tuesday with What Now Atlanta (WNA).

“We are very excited about the concept and the overall tenant mix at the project,” added McLoughlin in an email.

“We are now fully leased.”

Poach is currently in permitting to convert what was once a portion of a former grocery store to the 1,500-square-foot restaurant.

When complete, Poach will offer breakfast, brunch and lunch fare options like chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, smoked pork hash with poached egg, greek yogurt, sandwiches, smoothies, and moxies, for an area that has been designated as underserved and a food desert.

“There are very little breakfast options south of 1-20 where you can walk to, where you don’t have to hop on the freeway–ones that are in a residential area,” owner Brian Mitchell shared with WNA over the phone.

“I live in Summerhill three blocks away from Poach, so, I definitely wanted to provide that kind of convenience for my neighbors.”

According to a Kickstarter campaign description for Poach earlier this year, there are 163 thousand people within one mile of Poach and 311 thousand people within five miles.

It’s also located in direct proximity to $1.4B + in new development activity.

It’s within a 5-10 minute walk to: new Carter/GSU mixed use development along Georgia Ave. (.3 miles), Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park (.3 Miles), Southeast Beltline trail (.6 miles), and new GSU Stadium and future campus (.5 miles), according to Haverhill.

The surrounding Summerhill itself was once a bustling economic hub, often credited as being one of the first free settlements after the Civil War.

Later, it was one of the neighborhood hosts of the 1996 Olympics.

Post-Olympics, however, the once-bustling streets became vacant and many businesses and residents moved, ushering in years of neglect.  

“We want our restaurant to be more than just a place to get food, but to also bring the community together to restore its greatness,” stated Mitchell.

Poach–slated for a March 2020 opening–will be joining non-profit fitness concept and anchor Noble Clay Fitness, and Talat Market, a Thai Food pop-up-turned brick and mortar, commandeered by Parnass Savang and Rod Lassiter, at the 112 Ormond Street address soon, as in “Winter of 2019,” according to Talat’s website.

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.
Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.