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Plans Filed For Oculus Townhomes In Poncey-Highland

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Plans Filed For Oculus Townhomes In Poncey-Highland

"Priced well in the 900s."

Modern homebuilder Cablik Enterprises has filed plans with the city for the construction of three new townhomes on a tight lot at 1137 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE near Briarcliff Road.

The project is being called Oculus - Fitting for the homes, which feature circular cutouts on the roofs, per a rendering on Allen Snow Realty's Facebook page.

TSW Architects is designing the project.

Oculus won't be for everyone, and not just because there are only three units. Currently, the advertised prices are "well in the 900s."

In addition to being within walking distance of the almost-finished 675 N. Highland mixed-use, Residents would enjoy roof-top living, gourmet kitchens, 2-car garages and what Allen Snow is touting as "stunning finishes."

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Oculus Townhomes via Allen Snow Realty, Atlanta Real Estate Facebook

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1137 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306
Julia Sirb
Julia Sirb

Julia studied Urban Planning and Economic Development at GSU's School of Policy Studies. She is interested in the way a city's built environment, policy decisions, and economy work together to shape its culture. When not typing, she's writing calligraphy or looking for the next great shot through the lens of her medium format film camera.

3 responses to “Plans Filed For Oculus Townhomes In Poncey-Highland

  1. Hell no they won't get this. These are located ON ponce. Why would you pay this to live on the busy road

  2. What are they thinking? Looking at a mile radius and going back six months, there were only two attached sales in the 600's. Nothing higher. And, to be right on Ponce? Somewhat reminiscent of The Cribs over Blake's Townhomes... sans Blake's, of course.

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