Plans Filed For Atlanta Braves All-Star Grill Downtown

Second location of the sports bar concept opening in 200 Peachtree building.

Second location of the sports bar concept opening in 200 Peachtree building.

The Atlanta Braves, in partnership with with longtime Atlanta restaurant giant Goldberg’s Deli, is moving forward with plans to open the Atlanta Braves All-Star Grill downtown.

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A building permit application was filed Wednesday with City of Atlanta for the new restaurant, at 200 Peachtree St.

“Operated by The Goldberg’s Group, the Atlanta Braves All Star Grill will be a dazzling, state-of-the-art experience,” according to 200 Peachtree’s website.

“Prepare to be impressed.”

The sports bar concept will occupy 3,466 square feet in the downtown event venue joining Meehan’s Public House and Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint.

An estimated $500,000 will be spent on “interior alterations” for the second All-Star Grill location, according to the permit application. The first sports bar opened last year on Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The Atlanta Braves All-Star Grill is slated to open Fall 2014.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

9 Responses

  1. They never put this near the stadium, the area that actually needed it, but now they’re putting one downtown after they’ve announced that they’re leaving Atlanta? SMH

  2. LOL. Intown folks can go there to watch the games… Its either that or get to the game in time for the 7th inning stretch with all the traffic.

    1. Seriously? Intown folks have no idea how easy it’s going to be to get to the new stadium. My office is just down the street from 200 Peachtree, and I can get to the new stadium site (12 miles away) just as fast (if not faster) than I can get to Turner Field (1.5 miles away) on gameday weekday evening. The current traffic situation to Turner Field is a nightmare for anything living outside of Grant Park.

  3. @Drew – Just because they’re leaving Turner Field doesn’t mean they’re not the ATLANTA Braves. Contrary to some people’s snarky comments calling them the Smyrna Braves, Marietta Braves, etc., they are still Atlanta’s one and only MLB team. Look around the country, there are plenty of teams who do not play in the city – NY Giants, NY Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, etc, but you’d be hard pressed NOT to find stores supporting these teams in the city center. Do you really think the only place to find a Giants or Jets bar would be in East Rutherford New Jersey? It isn’t like the Braves are moving to another state. They’re moving 10 miles north.

    1. Why bother putting another crappy airport style bar in anyways? They could move to Unadilla for all I care and another crappy airport bar isn’t going to make any difference. Why wouldn’t you just watch from home? Why pay to park, sit in traffic and pay too much for watery drinks and crappy wings? I could stay home and listen to the game on AM radio while eating a bologna sandwich and drinking an O Douls and get the same experience.

  4. Don’t worry, Atlanta. This is strictly for the tourists. I hope they offer shuttles so that visitors can experience the gameday gridlock just like the locals.

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