Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt to open Midtown store

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt ~ what now atlanta
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Courtesy of Pinkberry on Facebook

Frozen yogurt shop leases space at Atlantic Station.

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt is opening in Midtown.

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The frozen yogurt shop leased space at Atlantic Station, according to a press release Wednesday.

Atlantic Station said in a six month status report Wednesday, it chose Pinkberry out of several possible yogurt shop options based on community input.

“We promised to seek the input of the Midtown community to identify the retailers, events and programming our guests wanted to see,” according to the report. “[We] selected Pinkberry from numerous yogurt options via social media.”

The Atlantic Station location will be the frozen yogurt shop’s fifth location in Georgia, according to its website.

Pinkberry currently has Akers Mill, Buckhead, Merchants Walk and Valdosta State University locations.

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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

14 Responses

  1. This is indeed awesome for Atlantic Station….but I still have no clue why Pinkberry didn’t choose a location along the Midtown Mile….still have no fro-yo choices to walk to…was sure hoping Pinkberry would be the one!

  2. I have heard that they will have a special Gin n Juice froyo flavor available only at AS. Swirl that with the Raspberry Hennessy flavor that they sometimes serve in their Oakland market and you’ve got a real winner.

  3. Do they really need a 3rd ice cream shop in AS? I know each of them are different, but I just see them competing with each other too much for all of them to stay in business.

  4. Well if other fro-yo places were indeed trying to establish themselves in the market, now they will have to locate somewhere on or close to the Midtown Mile, so win-win?

    I know I got an email from Selig regarding the availability of 2nd Generation space where Noon was in 12th and Midtown. 2,021 SF with 258 SF patio designated for restaurant space…could fro-yo be a happy medium there?

    There is also small space available in Metropolis and 2 blocks south on either side of Peachtree. I could see fro-yo being highly successful in any of these spaces.

  5. Pinkberry is FROYO which is waaaaay different than ice cream. All the luscious flavors come from the factory as a opaque, milky liquid in large 1 gallon plastic bags which are dumped into machines and savory & lucrative soft serve comes out. Usually good unless an acrylic nail or bit of roach works its way in. Then it is usually free, just tell the 17 year old manager.

  6. This is wonderful news! I love Pinkberry and this new location will be very close to where I live! Do you know exactly when they plan to open?

  7. Atlantic Station has been saying over and over that they want to get local businesses, but they get PinkBerry instead of a local froyo chain like Yoforia or Yogli Mogli?

    I’m not complaining, and I think the PinkBerry will do well, but it’s a bit confusing that they wouldn’t try to land a local joint.

  8. The same Pinkberry from Curb Your Enthusiasm?

    This sounds like a place my girlfriend is going to drag me to. Dammit.

  9. Can someone give me two local business that have come to Atlantic Station since Mark Toro and his team have “we’ll focus on” local local – focus on local. Even in their report its all about being local.

    A doggie boutique and what else?

    Sounds like the only thing that’s happening there is the place is going to the dogs.

    It seems to me the reason why they are opening ANOTHER ice cream inspired place is because that’s all that works around there, (we have two that work – lets make three)

    Just like adding the food trucks, its adding one more business that will take away from the businesses that are already there.

    I remember when there was a place over off of 18th street – I think the body shop is in their store front now (it was next to that other business that also failed)… regardless it FAILED..

    And, then I heard that they are going to add a “fresh food market” in the Z-Gallery space, which means two things…
    1) They lose ANOTHER RETAILER
    2) They bring in something that Competes with another business
    (I wonder how Publix feels about that?)

    Its going to be a shame to lose Z-Gallery, I’ve always liked that place….
    (guess I can go to Perimeter)

    Calib – when is Z-Gallery closing? (are the rumors true) will there be a closing sale?

    So far the mobile units have been a bust…

    What do they have one and the second lease just signed makes two and what do they sell?

    Who can afford those rents? $2500 q/month and 10% of sales over $6000. (really?)

    And, all anyone has to do is open a intown market/ “chelsea inspired” (ha) market and people just won’t go to Atlantic Station.

    More mall inspired thinking……but,with 17 employees (is that true?) – I guess what you’re going to get is a lot of mall inspired thinking.

    WOW – that 3% is really working there……

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