Pinewood Forrest Will Be ‘First Large-Scale’ All-Geothermal U.S. Community

The 234-acre 'experiential development' will use geothermal energy for all single-family residences and townhomes.

The 234-acre ‘experiential development’ will use geothermal energy for all single-family residences and townhomes.

Pinewood Forrest, a new urban community in Fayetteville, Georgia, Wednesday announced plans to become the “first large-scale” fully geothermal community in the country.

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Every single-family home and townhome in the community, which is currently under construction, is being outfitted with a geothermal heat pump system in place of a traditional HVAC system.

Geothermal power uses the consistent temperature just below the Earth’s surface to heat and cool homes and is more efficient, more affordable, quieter and lasts longer than any other system, according to the announcement.

“Our vision for this community includes providing residents with the most advanced technologies and systems available to make this a truly remarkable place to live,”Rob Parker, President, Pinewood Forrest, said in the release.

“Geothermal energy is the smartest, most effective way to heat and cool a home and we are delighted to bring this innovative, future-proof solution to Pinewood Forrest.”

Pinewood Forrest, LLC is overseeing the installation and management of the geothermal systems for all residential units at the sustainably designed development, which will include around 700 single-family homes and townhomes.

Construction started on homes in April 2017 and the first phase will be delivered and occupied by year-end.

Most costs for the systems are factored into residents’ mortgage payments.

In addition to environmental benefits, geothermal systems provide significant aesthetic advantages. There are no outdoor compressor units and the underground systems are virtually silent.

Pinewood Forrest—connected by 15 miles of pedestrian pathways spread over 118 acres of public green space with gardens, gathering places and parks—will comprise 1,300 residences once complete, including 600 multi-family units.

This video produced by Pinewood Forrest explains the geothermal power heating and cooling process:

Geothermal Powered Homes Under Construction - Pinewood Forrest
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Geothermal-powered homes under construction in Pinewood Forrest.
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak