Pig-N-Chik to open in former Dusty's Barbecue

pig-n-chik to open in former dusty's barbecue ~ what now, atlanta?

Most recent tenant, Cafe Sage Hill, abandoned premises during remodel. Landlord forced to re-lease property.

Pig-N-Chik barbecue restaurant signed a lease early this week for space that was most recently Cafe Sage Hill, according to sources involved with the property.

The Owner of Sage Hill closed the restaurant located at 1815 Briarcliff road, for a remodel back in December 2010, with plans to reopen sometime in January.

Multiple signs were posted on the inside of the space announcing the temporary closure and later, a "For Lease" sign graced the front parking lot.

Sources at the property claim the owner walked away from the restaurant during the remodel leaving behind all equipment.

Sage Hill first opened in September 2009 taking over the former Dusty's Barbecue that closed just five months prior.

Dusty's was in business for 27 years. Cafe Sage Hill for a year.  How long will Pig-N-Chik last?  Let's hope the food's better than the name.

1815 Briarcliff Road
Atlanta, GA 30329