[Photo update] Permanent pop-up shops at Atlantic Station

Construction begins on “London market” style shopping experience in Midtown.

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Atlantic Station is adding more retail spaces, marketplace style.

The Midtown development is actively recruiting vendors to join its retail mix sometime between September and October as part of its “Market Pop-Up Shops and Marketplace Kiosks” initiative.

For more information on the project and to see the original renderings click here.

What are your thoughts on the project and the progress so far? Some readers are calling it Midtown’s next flea market.

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  1. Have you been to the flea markets in NYC? They’re fantastic. AS should absolutely try and create that type of vibe. Also, why are these spaces being marketed as “climate controlled” if they’re going to be open to the alley, with the garage doors being used only to secure them at night??

  2. I’m excited it about it!…

    Of course, I love a good FLEA MARKET!

    I wonder if Underground is excited about it or not?
    I mean if you think about it…. It could be taking away from their retail base.

    I applauded Atlantic Station management team for thinking out of the box and becoming the “anti-Mall”.. this is surrely to attract high end retailers. But, I’ve been wrong before.

  3. These people who bought AS are brilliant. They are really doing some great things (take away the parking pay fiasco). Bravo!

  4. If it turns out to what they envision, it could be very, very cool. Maybe some green markets? Flowers? Cool crafts (not kitchy) – think Beehive, like a co-op. Mr. Toro, stay firm and hold the line only leasing to the “right” kinds of businesses, not the typical kiosky stuff, and this can make a big difference. I do applaud your vision!

  5. I live five minutes from Atlantic Station. I go to Ikea when something breaks. I go to, maybe, three movies a year. If they can secure a quality local restaurant to accompany this flea market concept, I’ll gladly make a day of hanging out at AS. Then maybe more days. A couple cool local bars and I’ll bring guests. I promise.

  6. This is a great idea. It’s all about getting the things the douche bag thugs don’t care about like art, culture and good music. A good craft beer spot could make this whole thing pretty awesome.

  7. Good to hear some people on the right side of the flea market debate. I don’t really see this as a flea market per se, but I love the idea. Assuming these get leased to local artisans, this is a great step forward.

  8. Perhaps climate control means a giant industrial fan at the end of the alleyway :). That’s about the only way I would shop outside in August.

  9. i hope they are not relocating the congested “artists” in ghetto white tents from the central park area.

  10. From what I heard, its the “congested artist in the ghetto” that they are approaching to rent the RMU and garage space(s),

    Is it true that they are meeting with the “re-sell jewlery vendors” from the “congested artist ghetto” to see if they will rent the spaces?

    So much for handcrafted, London style market or European street.
    I don’t know to many “designers or artist” with re-sell merchandise.

    Is it true that they are asking:
    RMU at $2500 /per month
    Garage spaces at $600
    I also heard that they are then planning on asking $4500 during the holiday season.


    How many “artist” can afford that kind of rent?

    Let along.. its counterintuitive to say “Artist” – “Kiosks” and products like Crocs, X bracelets and Beanie Babies in the same press release.

    I also want to see how its climate controlled, when the garage door is open.

    The whole thing smacks of desperation, poor planning and wishful thinking.
    And in a small way…kind of reminds me of a shell game.

    web site:
    “The market will feature up to 30 vendors who sell local food and produce, handmade crafts and one-of-a-kind art and gifts.”

    What we got was “congested artist in ghetto white tents” with re-sell items.

    Is this the new “anti-mall”?

  11. I’ve lived in the Twelve for over 3 years. When people ask me where I shop and what I do there I tell them – I only go to Publix (wish it was a Kroger), Tin Drum and recently Which Wich. I DO NOT hang out any where else at AS.

    This morning I got my Starbucks fix downstairs and I took a walk around the “Station” (which i havent done in more than a year). Here are my humble findings:

    1. AE is missing (geez, no wonder)
    2. i really liked the potted plants in all streets.
    3. Cafe 19 . Pathetic – STOP selling ANY food. The food there is a misunderstanding. are you kidding me? remember: profeetiering should be humble. you are not.LEAVE!
    4. There is a dental office, never knew. Cool.
    5. A nail place, ok, another surprise.
    6. Some space for rent
    7. The day care joint has abandoned ship. not nice.
    7. Eye gallery – who pays these prices for frames?! They will be gone soon too.
    8. Oh, yes, yes – I saw them. The hollow caverns groomed to turn around the “station’s” appeal. I almost vomited. Almost. I may go back tomorrow and let it all out.
    9. Central park is looks bigger with no people around. I kinda liked it.
    10. The promenade to Publix was cool. Familiar grounds.

    Caleb/Mark Torro – i know how hard it is to turn a ship around. Very few good things (plants in the streets) mostly turn offs. Sincere good luck to all of you since I have a vested interest as a mortgage payer.

  12. Not 2 be the bearer of bad news, but with all the THUGZ and Section 8ers who inhabit the Atlantic Station area, how long do u think it will take 4 the “smash & grabbers” to invade & disrupt the area???

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