[Photo] Sneak peek inside Buckhead’s new Crate & Barrel

Home furnishings retailer to open its relocated Buckhead store March 29.

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Photo by Matthew Kramer

Crate & Barrel is relocating its Buckehad store.

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The home furnishings retailer, inside Lenox Square Mall, will close its doors on March 4, according to its Website. Crate & Barrel is set to open across the street at the Shops Around Lenox, March 29.

For more information about Crate & Barrel’s relocation, click here.


  • It would make sense for Apple to take the old Crate & Barrel space so people could spread out more. The current store is so small and gets so packed with people that spreading things out in the old crate space would actually be safer for shoppers and employees.

  • Or Apple could open additional stores around the metro, making it a shorter trip for their customers to get to a store. It’s kind of odd that they’re in a shopping mall anyway. Can you get more 1980s than that? Even the burbs are moving toward “lifestyle centers” and away from enclosed shopping malls.

  • Jason, I feel the same way about the shopping mall period. Can you imagine what the Midtown Mile and Peachtree Street generally would be if it weren’t for the mega mall up the street?

  • @Pear

    Yes because I am sure you are nothing short of a trail blazer, and everything that you do is completely original and done by no one else.

  • @ Jason – it is kind of odd that they’re in a shopping mall, but as a retailer, they have to align themselves with their customers interests. So, can you get more 80’s than that? Probably not, but this is Atlanta, and we’re about 30 years behind the rest of the world in terms of adapting to new trends.

    @ Nigel – they still wouldn’t be that great. While there’s a lot of vacant space in Midtown, it’s not near enough to absorb the retailers from the shopping malls. On top of that, with the exception of a small strip of space, the development isn’t dense enough, and would require people to get in their cars and drive from point to point if they wanted to shop/see every store. Even if there was enough density for these stores to be close to each other, people would probably still drive because taking Marta is inconcievable to 75% of this city.

  • @Urbanist

    While I agree that taking MARTA is inconceivable to 75% of the city, it is also accurate to say it is inconvenient as well.

  • @T

    Inconvenient for who? Those that CHOOSE to continue to vote down MARTA’s expansion. Those that CHOOSE to reside in communities that continue to do so. Or those that CHOOSE to live in areas that are not dense enough to support transit.

  • Yeah, I’m going to refocus on Crate. I’m really excited about the new space, too bad they won’t have a Marimekko store.

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