Paul’s Restaurant And Social Vinings Quietly Shutter

Signage at the restaurants suggest the closures are temporary, neighboring businesses say otherwise.

Signage at the restaurants suggest the closures are temporary, neighboring businesses say otherwise.

Paul’s Restaurant and Social Vinings, two Atlanta staples since 2005 and 2008 respectively, quietly closed their doors over the Christmas holiday.

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The restaurants, owned and operated by famed Atlanta chef Paul Albrecht under parent company Great Food Group Inc., shuttered Christmas Eve, according to employees at neighboring businesses.

“The staff at Paul’s were only given a days notice,” a Peachtree Hills resident wishing to remain anonymous told What Now Atlanta (WNA) on a trip to the restaurant Wednesday night.

Signage at Paul’s Restaurant suggest the eatery, at 10 Kings Cir NE, is “closed for renovations.” Employees at neighboring businesses say the restaurants won’t be reopening.

Both restaurants’ websites and social media have been taken offline and their phone numbers disconnected. Great Food Group’s website has also been taken offline.

Albrecht was reportedly looking to sell the concepts, and listed both Paul’s and Social Vinings for sale earlier this year to no avail.

Patrick Albrecht, Paul’s son and day-to-day operator of the restaurant group, has not returned our requests for comment.


Do you think Pual’s Restaurant and Social Vinings will reopen, or is the restaurant using the old ‘closed for renovations” guise? Dish in the comments!

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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4 years ago

So sad….will miss Paul’s and the staff…Amanda is the best!!!

4 years ago

Will hate to loose a good neighborhood business. What is with the trend of closing restaurants saying they are doing renovations?

4 years ago

As a friend who knows how these doors were shuttered, it’s a shame that people don’t put the care and concern of others before their own needs in tough times. Those employees and customers deserved much more respect than what the Albrecht family showed them. Selling thousands of dollars worth of gift cards and holiday parties, that they never had any intention of fulfilling, is downright thievery. Paul and his son, the ‘master minds’ behind this once neighborhood gem, used deceitful measures to manipulate their way through one last working year. Sadly, this place has been on the downhill slope… Read more »

4 years ago

Completely agree with you. Paul has been gone for months Patrick ran them all in the ground. Not a nice guy!

Kristin Runnion
4 years ago

A bummer is knowing they sold a gift card to my mom before the holiday. Now I have a gift card that is useless. I hope someone will see this an honor a financial refund!!

4 years ago

I received a gift card for Social Vinings as a Christmas gift. Guess I will not be having dinner there tonight. Is there a way to recoup the money spent on the gift card or is it gone?

4 years ago

I worked there for a few months, and Patrick’s wife who managed the restaurant was nothing but rude and unprofessional. I loved my coworkers and the customers who came in, however. I was working one shift ( having only been without a trainer for a few shifts ) and I had a party of 20 and table of 6 by myself. I was doing great with the party, but the 6 top was a little overwhelming in addition to the large party. I forgot to ring in one of the customer’s dinner in at the table of 6. It was… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I was employed by them also and received no notice that this was going to happen. It is sad that you can worked for someone for so many years and they treat you this way, but in life what goes around comes around. Did not received pay any advice?

4 years ago

I loved Social Vinings it was my neighborhood cheers but i stopped going after my daughter quit after working there for 2 years because the manager Ute, Patrick’s wife, is a mean, tyrannical, coke sniffing bitch. She was mean to the employees and rude to customers. When patrons complained about their meals Ute would tell the wait staff she should spit in their food when it was taken back to the table. I loved the food and atmosphere but with thar kind of management I see why they are gone.

4 years ago

I also worked for Patrick at Vinings Fish, and was given the same treatment! I went in for my shift one Tuesday night, only to find Patrick clearing out the restaurant. I was, of course shocked, yet the only thing he said was “oh yeah, we’re closed now.” Such a manipulative, selfish, arrogant fool. Cheated several people out of their pay checks. He’s a scammer. That’s probably why he made it mandatory that we only got our tips through check once a week, because he would be able to take advantage. I can’t tell you how many times my checks… Read more »

4 years ago

As a former employee of this company it disgusts me to look back on my time with them. Chef paul albrecht is a legend and an incredible human being. It’s mind blowing that patrick is his biological son. Patrick single handledy destroyed his fathers legacy and future endeavors. Paul is a world class chef and will always be remembered as such. Too bad his son didn’t have the culinary greatness like his father or any kind of intelligence in business. Working along side Patrick was like being in the twilight zone. Patrick should write a book on how to ruin… Read more »

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