Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar Opening Third Location in Marietta

Per its motto, "enhanc[ing] the health of our community one sip at a time," Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar will blend fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, herbs and spices into wholesome beverages for a new customer base
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By June of this year, Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar will bring their spin on blended fruits and vegetables to 3595 Canton Road in Marietta, its third storefront since their Mableton location opened in 2018. 

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Ron Bolden told What Now Atlanta that he and co-owner Bill Johnson were neighbors before they were business partners — the pair would collaborate on yardwork and shared a passion for healthy eating. Bolden said that they “stumbled” upon the smoothie business because they “thought that it would fit both of [their] lifestyles.”

“We’re a health and wellness smoothie bar,” said Bolden. “We do a lot of vegetables incorporated in our smoothies. We don’t use any raw sugar, we don’t use any dairy — we use agave, a healthy sugar from a cactus plant, and a lot of vegetables in our smoothies. We consider ourselves a health and smoothie bar, which a lot of people gravitate toward not only this time of year, but during COVID.”

A portion of the made-to-order smoothie joint’s clientele at the Mableton store travels from Marietta, Bolden said, which contributed to their decision on the location. Like their Atlanta location at Greenbriar Mall, the new Marietta store is sure to see sizable foot traffic — it shares a parking lot with a Kroger grocery store. 

“It’s the only smoothie bar that’s over there,” said Bolden. “We’re hoping that it will be more successful than our other two [stores] because of the traffic.”

Paradise Smoothie Juice Bar sells three categories of liquidated offerings: juices, milkshakes and, of course, smoothies. Bolden said that their most popular smoothie, called the “Green Forest,” is made with kale, spinach, pineapples, lemons, orange juice and bananas. The bestselling “Nutter Butter Shake” consists of peanut butter, peanuts, almond milk and a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate protein. Their weight loss blend, made with kale, spinach, grapefruit, lemon, carrots and celery tops their juice category.

A number of multivitamin “wellness shots” are also on the menu, including the “Mucus Buster” made of sea moss and cayenne pepper; the “Vividration” shot made with beets, turmeric, black seed and garlic; and the “Tiger Bone” shot, which includes fermented wine to detoxify the kidneys, increase blood flow and alleviate sexual dysfunction.

Christina Coulter

Christina Coulter is an eager journalist from Connecticut with dogged tenacity and the sensibilities of a small-town reporter. Before and after graduating from Marist College in 2017, Christina covered local news for a slew of publications in the Northeast, including The Wilton Bulletin, the Millbrook Independent, The Kingston Times, The New Paltz Times and the Rockland Times. For nearly four years before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Christina was the lead reporter for The Saugerties Times, living and breathing the goings-on of the 20,000-strong Hudson Valley community. Christina weathered the pandemic in Atlanta, where she got a taste for the city's people and flavors. After a brief stint covering news in Connecticut and New York once more with The Daily Voice, Christina was taken on by What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles, where she aims to unweave the intricacies of both cities' bright restaurant communities.

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