Paper Mill Grill Has Shuttered

Paper Mill Grill is no longer open for business.

The eatery has closed for the second and final time.

UPDATE [ 3/1/2016 11:27 AM ]: The restaurant’s website’s homepage has announced its closing.

Paper Mill Grill has chilled.

The restaurant, located at 255 Village Parkway Northeast in the Paper Mill Village shopping center in Marietta, has updated its Facebook page hours to indicate that the establishment is permanently closed.

Erec Ottensmeyer left Downtown Decatur staple Leon’s Full Service in 2015 to be the Chef at Paper Mill Grill when it re-opened – after shuttering for the first time in late 2014 – almost a year ago in April.

Paper Mill Restaurant served American cuisine serving up modern takes on traditional fare and craft cocktails.

 Will you miss Paper Mill grill? Do you think the concept was a good fit for the area? Tell us below?


Julia Sirb

Julia studied Urban Planning and Economic Development at GSU's School of Policy Studies. She is interested in the way a city's built environment, policy decisions, and economy work together to shape its culture. When not typing, she's writing calligraphy or looking for the next great shot through the lens of her medium format film camera.

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