Owner of Red Door Tavern to reopen Buckhead’s Cheyenne Grille

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Peachtree Battle Shopping Center restaurant gets third owner

Cheyenne Grille, a 17-year-old restaurant in Buckhead, closed for the second time Feb. 6.

Steve Shamatta, owner of The Red Door Tavern, purchased the 5700-square-foot restaurant with plans to reopen on March 25, What Now Atlanta learned on a trip to the restaurant Tuesday.

Making the Cheyenne more of a “family friendly sports bar,” Shamatta said he needed a new challenge, something to “sink his teeth into” after owning and operating The Red Door Tavern for seven years.

We asked Shamatta if he thought parking would be a problem considering Boneheads owner, Ron Barber, claimed he closed the Peachtree Battle location located across the lot because there wasn’t enough.

“No,” Shamatta said. “There are 681 spaces for parking and most of these businesses are closed around dinner time.”

Jonathan Sheer, consultant and head chef for Cheyenne, told What Now Atlanta it’s “as if the new owners are opening a brand new restaurant.”

Cheyenne will offer “really good bar food,” according to Sheer, who added the restaurant is not “pretending to be anything else.”

Cheyenne will offer a new kids menu, but get this– menu prices are determined by the child’s height.

Using a life-sized cartoon of Stewie from Family Guy with measurements numbered out from head to toe, the restaurant will charge patrons ten cents per inch tall their child is.

“If your child is 35 inches, their meal is $3.50,” said Sheer. This will apply to kids 48 inches and less.

Ben Newton, a food salesman for Crisco working with the Buckhead restaurant, said the previous owners didn’t do a good job keeping the place clean which has caused major delay’s in their reopening.

“The kitchen was filthy,” said Newton. “What took the longest was just cleaning the place out.”

Taking the previous health score from a 56 to a 98, “everything is ready to go,” according to Newton.

Cheyenne Grille
2391 Peachtree Road NE Ste B1C
Atlanta, GA 30305

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

2nd owner of CG tried to pass crap on a plate as fresh local organic food. Telling me that their kitchen is one of the best and cleanest in the city. That their “chefs” came from upscale restaurant pedigree. One look and taste of that slop, that food deserved nothing less than the dumpster out front.

Good luck CG v3.0!

9 years ago

“really good bar food”…I smell an oxymoron

Peachtree Pete
9 years ago

The food can’t possibly be any worse that CGs. That entire chain is just cynically lousy food.

Local Buckhead Dude
9 years ago

Steve, Congrats. For those of you that don’t know Steve, he will make the place work and will make it a true family friendly sports bar. You can’t ask for a better guy to take over the place. We will certainly be there to support him!!!!

9 years ago

Nice try “Pete”, but Cheyenne Grille is not and never has been a chain.

9 years ago

Agree with local buckhead dude.

Steve will make it work well.

9 years ago

I really hope they get their act together if they want to make CG a success. I went the other night with a group of friends not realizing it was their “soft opening”. The server was extremely nice but not knowledgeable at all and seemed frazzled from being pulled in all different directions. The menu was sparse and they had no drink menu to speak of (“all that is coming” was the response we received). When we got our drinks and inquired why the glasses were only ½ full, we got a 5 minute lecture from a shabby looking guy… Read more »

The situation
9 years ago

@JustinSG…..there’s a reason it’s called a soft opening, and usually only appreciative friends and family are envied to attend. Sounds to me like you went in here with a pin and pad looking to gig this place on everything no matter what they did. Waiter “frazzled”…. Guess what, maybe she’s nervous because she wants to do the best job possible and it is the first day they are open. Give the poor girl a break, your not at Chops. You then move on to try to say that there efforts to please you were not sufficient !?! Not only did… Read more »

9 years ago

@ The Situation – I am aware of a soft opening, and this was not the first time I’ve gone to a restaurant in the middle of one, but if it’s not advertised as such, when I go in and then I get excuse after excuse for the service I received, then I’m sorry if you think I expect too much. And yes, the server was frazzled…from running from table to table trying to keep up with everybody. The rest of the servers were running around as well while one was chasing after kids she was evidentially watching, who were… Read more »

The situation
9 years ago

Actually I do not know the owner(s). My intent was to give an opinion of my experience of what I thought was a good place. I read way to many blogs such as yours that in my meager opinion are missing the point. You continue to rant about all of the “flaws”. My intent was to remind you that you were knocking a place that was open only to test themselves and their readiness. Others will decide for themselves and see this is a great place and will prosper.

9 years ago

@The Situation – I’m past wanting to debate this issue further so last comment from me – I sincerely do hope the place prospers and wish the owners luck and no ill will, but I’m not going to sugar coat. You had a good experience, so post your take then instead of attacking somebody you do not know describing an experience you were not part of. I did not have a good experience and I posted my thoughts. Soft opening, bad night, finding their footing, whatever the case; we came away dissatisfied, even when taking into account the situation. When… Read more »

Isaac Hunt
9 years ago

I can’t believe these comments. You all are so mean. Just a mean lot of ya’s over here. I like this place and if you don’t, well…just keep it to yourself. If you can’t say something nice, you’ll be humping fat chicks. Just sayin’. The only concern about the reopening of CG is the beer specials. They better have some.

Miloshe Baznichovich
9 years ago

I’m truly excited that CG is re-opening. I was sad when the place closed down. I thought to myself, Miloshe, you are one handsome man that enjoys going to CG. How can they shut a place like that down? Then I realized, the staff at CG…not so good looking. Maybe now that they re-open, staff will be as good looking as Miloshe! Hey, in Russia, sports bar re-opens YOU!!

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