Owner of JCT Kitchen & No. 246 to open Seafood restaurant(s) on the Westside

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Ford Fry leases space for at least one but possibly two separate seafood concepts.

UPDATE (Nov. 7, 2011): Chef Ford Fry spending $500,000 on new Westside eatery

Fish come in schools and Ford Fry’s restaurants come two by two.

Fry, the restaurateur behind JCT Kitchen and the newly opened No. 246, has leased 914 Howell Mill Road to open at least one seafood restaurant and possibly two under his management company, Rocket Farm.

The restaurant(s) is/are slated to open in March 2012, Fry told What Now Atlanta in an email Monday.

“I love the Westside and I think Atlanta needs a quality, fun seafood restaurant and ‘fish camp,’ Fry said. “I like the Westside for this because a lot of our guests vacation in Rosemary Beach, Seaside, etc. and would love to have that ‘experience’ at home.”

Fry says his management company could open two separate concepts.

The first being a “large seafood focused restaurant” offering “simple, wood-fired fish and shellfish in a casual yet clean setting” and the second restaurant (attached to the other) would be a casual “fish camp” with a raw bar and craft beers.

“The ‘fish camp’ will be an indoor-outdoor setting with live music on select days,” Fry said. “We have talked about housing a local farmer on some land to grow for us and others but nothing in the works as of yet. We will still continue to purchase locally and seasonally as well as form Gulf fisherman partners to supply us with amazing quality fish.”

As the concepts develop, Fry will launch a Tumblr webpage (as they did No. 246) to keep everyone in the loop.



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  1. Yay! Exciting as all of the development on the westside has been in the past few years (I’m a resident), it’s especially exciting to me when anything interesting opens up outside of the established developments (Brickworks and White Provisions). Maybe it’s more of a risk but it’s definitely a larger step in the right direction for the vibrancy of the whole area. Now if only we can get a freaking grocery store around here…:)

  2. This is great news! Perfect location for something like this… I know it’s only a few blocks, but we really needed something to bridge that gap between the area around white provision and Howell Mill/Marietta and this looks great for that.

  3. Wish he had room to open a fish market to be able to buy fresh fish to make at home. Though that part of town probably couldn’t support it.

    As for March 2012 – my thought would be with all the permitting and probably heavy construction needed, the timing is not bad at all.

  4. Love this idea! That building has a major neat factor going for it. And I agree with others that the stretch between 10th street and Marietta on Howell Mill needs some major fill-in. This may be just the thing to get things going.

  5. I don’t get the ‘two seperate restaurants in the same building both serving fish premise.’ Why not just the one?

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