On The Border Debuts All-New ‘Nostalgic’ Prototype at Alpharetta Restaurant

Acting as a test prototype, guests’ responses at the Alpharetta restaurant will determine On The Border’s next steps in developing future locations
On The Border Debuts All-New 'Nostalgic' Prototype at Alpharetta Restaurant
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On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina now 40 years in business has become the “world’s largest Mexican casual dining brand,” and with the reopening of On The Border North Point, “is taking it back to the 1980s” with the debut of its new prototype that pays homage to the brand’s first design.

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On The Border North Point, at 10575 Davis Drive in Alpharetta, reopened as the brand’s first restaurant to feature the all-new prototype, featuring a palette of white adobe and rustic colors. With new chairs, tables and barstools, the revamped restaurant boasts an upgraded bar look and feel with artwork inspired by the brand’s heritage. The brand even enlisted the same artist who first created a cowboy painting for On The Border’s original restaurants to make more to go on the exterior of updated locations.

Acting as a test prototype, guests’ responses at the Alpharetta restaurant will determine On The Border’s next steps in developing future locations.

“We are on a mission to re-image On The Border and take guests back to our glory days,” Mike Wood, Chief Real Estate Officer, said in an announcement this week. “After almost four decades of learning and growing, our company has decided it’s time to go back to what first brought people to our brand — and that includes offering bolder-than-ever Tex-Mex food and pulling together design elements that are inspired by On The Border’s legacy. By updating our prototype to look more like our first locations, we hope to remind people of how great the food, atmosphere, and experience was and continues to be today.”

On The Border’s new design is part of an overall brand enhancement to improve the guest experience including an updated menu, improved signage for to-go orders, and a new rewards program, among other changes.

“North Point is our first location in years to get a revamp, and we’ve been focused on finalizing this new design for a while now, so we’re thrilled to see it come to fruition in Alpharetta,” Wood said. “This test prototype is the beginning of a journey in which we continue to refine our design and get it just right for our guests. Everything about On The Border’s original building balanced both Texas and Mexico’s culture but with a real sense of fun adventure, and that’s what we’re striving to emulate once again. We can’t wait to receive feedback from our fans.”

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

5 Responses

  1. This is why this site is doomed. Sorry. But who in Atlanta actually gives a crap about a chain restaurant opening in the suburbs….?

  2. Great idea, but we walked out of this location last week after waiting for over 15 minutes for the hostess to appear to show us a table. There were very few (read three tables) being served. We should have noticed the “revamping” while waiting–didn’t see any sign of revamped, physical revamping. If this place was revamped, it happened over the last nine days.

  3. Does anyone at On The Border understand that putting lipstick on this pig isn’t going to attract customers when there are so many choices for authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex from local owners/operators. Change the menu and it might help.

  4. Interesting comments from frustrated patrons. I personally loved OTB until recent experiences.

    #1 – We had friends over for the first time since COVID and we’re going to order a couple of family-sized takeout meals from the Duluth, GA location only to find out it was suddenly closed permanently. It was our go-to Tex Mex location.
    #2 – In an act of desperation, we decided to drive all the way out to the OTB location at the Mall of Georgia. We picked up our 2 family size meals… And when we got home realized the refried beans were actually not refried…but simply cooked beans. I called to find out if it was a mistake, and they said “no that’s how we do our refried beans now”. I doubt that. But it was very disappointing and definitely made the long drive seem not so worth it for any future visits.

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