Newly-Opened J5 Condos Already Undergoing $1 Million ‘Repositioning’

Midtown residential community to renovate interior, unveil new brand identity
Newly-Opened J5 Condos Already Undergoing $1 Million 'Repositioning' - Rendering 1
Rendering: Official

J5, Midtown’s newly-completed condominium development, after starting move-ins earlier this year has already launched a $1 million “repositioning” strategy including a new brand identity and interior renovations, project owner Deluxeton — a Dezhu company — announced in a press release this week.

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“The $105 million project will serve as one of the most anticipated residential brand launches for 2021, and the strategic rebranding and designer upgrades on the lobby and shared spaces come as part of a larger plan to retrofit the boutique condo building to meet the pandemic buyers’ needs,” according to the announcement. Group Kora has also taken over the property’s sales and marketing from Compass.

“As Midtown’s latest residential offering opening at the height of the pandemic, J5 deserves a meaningful modernization to match the changing needs of the buyers in this market,” Eric Xue, CEO of Dezhu US, said in a press release. “Dezhu is proactively making this investment just months after J5’s construction completion to ensure its viability in a post-pandemic world…”

The J5 team has selected Michael Habachy of Habachy Designs to lead the condo building’s interior upgrades with the renovations to commence in January 2021. “Drawing inspiration from the surrounding Garden District, the upgrades will better cater to the pandemic and post-pandemic buyer with enhancements to the building’s shared spaces to serve as an extension of the home office with designer finishes and WiFi-enabled shared spaces allowing for complete digital connectivity throughout the building,” according to the release. “To create a sense of serenity for residents, Habachy and team included biophilic design elements such as naturally preserved greenery walls and marble to create a contemporary, yet calm feel within the lobby.”

The J5 team also enlisted Habachy Designs and Musso Design Group to complete two designer model homes, showcasing the residences’ design flexibility. The designer homes will be unveiled in January.

“J5 had this incredible location, competitive pricing, and was the largest finished new construction condo project to deliver in Atlanta since the housing crisis, but was missing the most important element to any condo project’s success: an identity,” Karen Rodriguez, founder of Group Kora, said. “Our team was able to come in and bring a fresh approach to elevate J5’s potential in order to satisfy the needs of the next generation of buyers. We provided alternative uses for amenities with the inclusion of more outdoor areas by the building’s city garden and utilized natural design elements within the interior that invoke a sense of calm during an unsettling time…”

As part of the repositioning, a new brand identity for J5 launches next week. The brand launch will include a new website, brand messaging, print and media ads, and new collateral. “We wanted to give J5 Midtown an identity that’s both current and timeless,” Fang Yang, Group Kora’s managing director, said of the new brand. “The inspiration is drawn from J5’s surrounding environment, the Garden District of Midtown, and its unique identity.”

Located in Midtown’s historic Garden District, J5 features 150 homes with a mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans designed by Smith Dalia Architects. Amenities include concierge service, a 24-hour security team, a city garden, conference-style meeting spaces, a fitness studio, and a private pool deck. The six-story development’s residences are priced from the $500s to $900s.

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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc. Check out our publications in your city: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa.

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  1. What A Joke
    Lmao at this repositioning, literally months after it completed. No interest in it so they reposition hahahahaha.

  2. What a tough year for condo sales! Single family has been like a rocket in 2020 .. while luxury condos have really lagged. They will bounce back and this project will find it’s footing now. Good luck to Karen and GK.

  3. I’ve lived in Midtown for 15 years. I’ve never heard of a “Garden District”. Are they doing anything for the exterior? It is a very strange color/aesthetic.

    1. The Garden district is generally the area east of Piedmont Ave and south of 10th Street. More historic single and multifamily residences. I believe the term is written into the master planning for the area done by MNA and other groups.

      1. The “garden district” is the area bound by 10th street to the north, Juniper to the west, Ponce to the south, and Monroe/beltline to the east. I’ve heard it called this fairly regularly. Mid 20s here and live in midtown.

  4. Is it the fact that they have no identity, or the fact that it’s overpriced pre-fab construction?

  5. To echo other comments in the thread – there is not nor has there ever been a “Garden District” in the city of Atlanta.

  6. Love the censoring. Comments going poof that had nothing wrong with them. Time to spray on tomorrow’s news today, they don’t delete comments

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