New Owner At 905 Juniper Wants YOU To Pick His Restaurant Tenant - Tell Us What And Win!

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New Owner At 905 Juniper Wants YOU To Pick His Restaurant Tenant - Tell Us What And Win!

what should open at 905 juniper in midtown?

Everyone Who Enters Wins Gourmet Chocolate Pink Cupcakes Instantly!

Grand Prize: Dinner For Two At SOHO* & Tickets For 'The Holiday Ice Spectacular'

Runner-ups Win Gift Cards To Chocolate Pink & Midtown Life

You probably know the corner space at 905 Juniper in Midtown, most recently for the restaurant concept Lupe and Cuerno before that. DZ Developments now owns the property and they're in no rush to sign a lease without your input.

They want YOU, the residents of Atlanta, to help them make a decision on what restaurant concept to lease based on who YOU want.

The prize? A three-course dinner for two at SOHO*, an American Bistro located in historic Vinings. You’ll also get two opening night tickets to The Holiday Ice Spectacular at the East Cobb Energy Center.

First runner-up WINS: a first chiropractic visit to Midtown Life Studio which includes a consultation, nerve system assessment and first adjustment.

Second runner-up WINS: $50 to Chocolate Pink!

Here’s how to win: Leave a comment with your idea for the space. THAT’S IT. The Top FIVE restaurant ideas will be selected by the new owner of 905 Juniper, DZ Developments, and then voted on by What Now Atlanta readers. The top THREE will win our Top Prizes. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 12, 2010.

When you leave your comment, we'll email you a voucher for a Chocolate Pink Cupcake instantly just for entering.

Click here to leave your comment!

*Dinner features SOHO's pre-fixed three-course theatre menu ($28 value) and does not include tax or gratuity. At SOHO it’s all about Food, Wine and People! You'll experience all three as you dine on the new, fall theatre menu, specially designed to bring out the flavors of the season.

Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Atlanta (WNA). He was featured in The New York Times, Creative Loafing's "20 People to Watch," named "Lifestyle Blogger You Need To Know" by Rolling Out Magazine and highlighted as Atlanta's Metropolitan Male in fashion magazine, 944. WNA has been named "Best of Atlanta" by Creative Loafing, and Atlanta and Jezebel Magazines.

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120 responses to “New Owner At 905 Juniper Wants YOU To Pick His Restaurant Tenant - Tell Us What And Win!

  1. Something for the neighborhood-- simple affordable breakfast all day but offers dinner: start your day with coffee and finish it with a glass of wine. A place that would have sit down service but also quick pick up lunch items to go for a flat price. Just a great local place with great food neighbors would run into each other daily!!

  2. I would like to see a prepared foods store (where the primary target is take-out) with a sit-down option. I used to live in Philadelphia, and these types of establishments were everywhere. The key was the level of the chef -- where the chef offered enough entrees/sides to accommodate different dietary needs (including healthy, low-fat items) AND quality, interesting preparations, the stores were successful. When the chef did not innovate or only offered a very few items, the store failed quickly. Yes, this is a bit like MetroFresh, but their take-out menu is geared toward soups, salads, sandwiches and the ever-present chicken breast; dinner entrees are served in-house. I would like to see this new establishment focus more on entrees beyond typical luncheon fare and develop a relationship with the neighborhood.

  3. I'm not sure how big the space is, but a frozen yogurt place (the self-serve kind where you pay by weight) because there isn't one in Midtown that you can actually walk to. Yoforia or the new TCBY self-serve concept.

  4. Here's what I really want close by: a Penang. I could eat there every day if it wasn't all the way up on Chamblee-Tucker.

  5. An inexpensive place where people will want to order take-out or sit and eat, in a comfortable, not so formal atmosphere. A place where locals will want to eat at week after week, nothing fancy or high end. Just a comfortable place to hang out and enjoy with good consistent food and reasonable prices.

  6. I would love some genuinely delicious ethnic food that I usually drive to Buford Highway to get. Malaysian like Penang or a homey pho restaurant would be perfect.

  7. The perfect restaurant would be this place out of Athens called Keba, basically the German form of a European Kabob sandwich. It would do gangbusters in Atlanta, especially with UGA grads here.

  8. I enjoyed Lupe's and really wonder went went wrong. They were busy every night. My husband and I moved from Denver earlier this year and one of our favorite places was another high end Mexican Restaurant call La Sandia. It is owned by Richard Sandoval Restaurants, the corporate office Tel. 646.285.0796 and website http://www.richardsandoval.com/lasandia/. They would be a great addition to Midtown and this would be a great location for their business.

  9. I would like a truly high end Northern Italian restaurant that does not specialize in the typical "spaghetti" but true cuisine from the region...Another possibility would be a Greek or Turkish restaurant...

  10. Indian food - good for dine in and good for take out. There's already some Asian flavors and plenty of Mexican in the area, but no Indian, so it would bring some diversity.

  11. Something much more casual and lower price point than the last tenants. I'd say a place like the Brake Pad (in East Point) or Universal Joint (in Oakwood) would be great. Especially if you can have at least some outdoor dining.

  12. Instead of competing with nearby restaurants like Gordon Biersch, Vortex, Noodle Mi, Silk, Taco Mac, and F20, I'd want a restaurant that would compliment the mix and really draw people from Peachtree (Midtown Mile) and Piedmont, so a great neighborhood Mexican restaurant is definitely the way to go, but still having a genuine Atlanta feel, not a generic Frontera-like place. That being said, taking that risk is a scary one in these times for a location that's not directly on a main road with ample parking, so realistically I'd like to see a Chipotle. There isn't one in this area, and the name would for sure bring people from the surrounding neighborhoods (office people during the day, locals at night).

  13. Prepared food to go or eat in - kind of like the hot market at Whole Foods. Specials to pick up on your way home to feed your family would be a great touch.

  14. How about...

    Yeah! #3
    Taqueria Del Sol #12
    Flying Biscuit #256
    EVOS #3

    no one with half a brain will put a restaurant into that space. it's cursed. worst location for parking and/or traffic. one way streets don't work for food here in Atlanta, it ain't NY.

  15. Now that Ruby Tuesday's owns the Miami chain Lime Mexican, they are looking for new locations. I think that an outpost of Lime would be the ideal thing for this spot. Quick, easy...but healthy and human Mexican food. Yes, this town has plenty of Mexican - from Willys, to Moes, to Chipotle and all the independent chains (aka Taqueria)...but truly Lime is different/ more amazing than all others!

  16. A European type of small market grocery. It could provide sandwiches/small meals as well. Ideally something that carries unique products (think much much smaller version of Dekalb Farmers Market.

  17. I think a Muss & Turners or Alon's market/bistro concept could work here. It would be nice to have somewhere in the area to sit down for wine and small meal, or to get a prepared meal and speciality food items to go. A bistro could also get some lunch traffic from nearby offices.

  18. I really liked Lupe, it was so sad that it closed so early due to the poor performance of its attached bar. I'd like to see a delicious Indian restaurant, since there are practically none in the area, or an Au Bon Pain so I can go there for lunch.

  19. Something affordable and delicious that isn't at all pretentious. Something along the lines of a Flip Burger or Young Augustine's would be great.

  20. I have determined what Atlanta is sorely missing--short of taking longer drives--is credible, convenient, NY style delicatessens. Whether I am in Midtown, up near Cumberland for work, or even in Buckhead, there is no true quality NY-style delicatessen. With said location, and with businesses abound available for a great lunch spot, it would fit ideally.

  21. Midtown is dying for an upscale pizza place that also has good wine.

    Also, given the residential aspect of that block, I think a non-chain coffee shop with a speakeasy feel would do well there.

  22. I like the deli idea, but maybe something with a twist? Like Greek upscale with good take-out options (not just gyros, but good deli case options like meat and vegetarian mousakka, Greek green beans and other veggie side dishes and salads). I know Grecian Gyro (in Tucker, Hapeville, etc.) is looking to expand in-town, and their food quality is awesome. Maybe get in talk with them since they're an Atlanta fixture.

  23. All Atlantans will eat is burgers. Give em what they deserve. Yeah Burger would be good after the slamming they got in the AJC today.
    Also, you can bet the landlord wants an outrageous rental rate. So forget frozen yoghurt or deli or alternative coffee shop.

  24. #1: Midtown proper needs an INDEPENDENT coffee shop, think Octane, Kavarna, Urban Grind, etc. The space is large enough that it should work, and the huge student/creative class population in the area would happily support it, I'm sure. I'm tired of crappy wifi and expensive (and crappy) coffee at Starbucks or Caribou.

    #2: as others have suggested, a small, urban upscale market might work here. Density-wise you have 1000s of people within walking distance, and Publix on Piedmont/Trader Joes are just not that accessible by foot (+ the Publix produce is often of Soviet Union quality).

    #3: NY-style deli/takeout spot would also fill a niche (The only comp, St Charles Deli at Tech Square, is overpriced and their food sucks)

  25. A new hybrid sustainable eatery! It would take places like farmburger and YEAH! burger to the next level -- serving simple dishes made of locally harvested foods from within Georgia. It would also have a seasonal menu to follow its freshness-philosophy. The hybrid factor would come in because this eatery could act as a farmer's market as well. It could have a small section and sell fresh groceries as well.

    Atlantas can go here with their friends for a bite, have informal work meetings, or pick up something to eat on their way home from work. It would be a food establishment to really educate people about the importance of eating locally. They would see what great, fresh foods that GA produces.

    With the right marketing, smart graphics, and interior layout I think this would be a fantastic place to eat at!

  26. A NY Deli that also has delivery. It should also sell beer/wine and have small tasting events under $10 person with complimentary appetizers. There should also be a small meeting place in the store with wifi so folks can host business meetings.

  27. NY deli. Balduccis. Zabars. Sell takeout food and sundries in the main space and then have the beleza space be an eatin area with coffee and bar at night. Not too expensive.

  28. How about a restaurant that features mouth watering comfort foods like mac and cheese,country fried steak, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie.....mmmmm mmm now thats Southern cooking!

  29. A soup joint, serving a variety of different, innovative and familiar soups; maybe a few sandwiches -- but that's it. Definitely, a soup joint.

  30. I would love to see a location of My Fit Foods, out of Texas. I had it in Dallas last week and wondered why Atlanta didn't have anything like it. Surprisingly affordable and healthy too.

  31. I would love to see a Dean and Deluca or even the first location for Sprinkles bakery. Ideally though a Muss an Turners Alons Dean and Deluca would work beautifully there. 🙂

  32. We need a real local cocktail lounge w/ tasty food service options - and non smoking, with good bartender/servers! I want moderately priced drinks and wine and small plates (not necessarily spanish tapas, just small plates of delicious foods, and not $15 martinis and specialty drinks). Atlanta has tons of options for pricey dinners, or casual sports bars, or burger places ... but we really lack a stylish lounge to meet up with friends and neighbors. Although it has it's problems, I'm thinking of a little place like bar.food in Savannah (http://www.barfoodsavannah.com/). It's a local place that runs drink specials (ie... you know tues is $1 drink special night, etc.). Lastly, since parking is an issue, you need to appeal to locals - so a place that supports neighborhood causes, organizations, etc.

  33. Something for the neighborhood! Local, sustainable, fresh – like Rosebud with carryout options. A chain will not succeed here nor a gimick (e.g., EVOS, or even a cocktail lounge). A strong wine list and an accomplished/award winning chef are keys to success.

  34. A Dean and Deluca--mixture of dining in and takeout option , gourmet grocery and specialty shop. They don't have one in Georgia--might be interested in a franchise here.

  35. What Atlanta is missing is an upscale Indian restaurant. I'm not asking for anything too over the top fancy, but it would be nice to have Indian food in a place that provides an actual dining experience complete with a wine list, full bar, and experienced servers.

  36. I live in the area..across the street, and a sit down restaurant does not work in this small tight space because there is not adequate parking. There are a lot of the same comments and thoughts on here that I have had since the space was built. What the neighborhood needs is a place where you can stop in and pick up food to go...either already prepared or ready to cook. If we want Midtown to become more walkable and live work, we need to be able to have a place all can walk to in order eat in, or pick up and cook at home.....a wine shop inside would be great as well...remember Eatzi's? Maybe a smaller version?

  37. I'd suggest either
    a) medium to high end deli/sandwich place
    b) something like the chocolate cafe in decatur on ponce
    c) gaming cafe

  38. Duceur du France...there's one in Marietta and one in Roswell

    Fantastic breakfast/brunch

    Country French

  39. Speciality grocery with wide selection of cheeses, olive oils, etc. Should have takeout as well as dining in options. A place where neighbors would naturally meet.

  40. Upscale anything is not going to last in that space! Something casual where you can go lunch or dinner. A great neighborhood bar or another Mexican restaurant. A deli will only do okay for lunch. That idea would do better on Peachtree where offices are. The key is this is a neighborhood location. The main business is going to come from people who walk to the location. Think Cypress Street Pint and Plate or The Nook.

  41. Midtown Atlanta needs something like the Amish Market in New York(amishtribeca.com). A smaller version with a variety of takeout options and a great salad / soup bar that are charged by weight would be great! This area of midtown does not have a Whole Foods within walking distance and is lacking a quick to-go place with great healthy food!

  42. Well, there are a few issues with this space. Mainly - PARKING. the lack of frequent and constant open spaces leads to valet. And having valet kills the idea of "cheap, fast meals". The whole process of valet giving you a ticket and disappearing with your car. Then having some cash on hand, to tip the valet after you have waited in line to get you car can be a REAL buzz kill. Only "Fine Dining" lends itself to this headache. OR SOMETHING SPECIAL...

    My vote is for a Star Provision like deli during the day that transforms into a very special venue that has a "chef of the week". With a different menu every WEEK you will rarely be able to have the same thing twice. Special celebrity chefs, local chefs, and new talent would be on deck.

    The space should feel a little classic "NYC upscale deli'ish. I would hire Freshmaker Design to handle the design of Tiled walls, burlap padded seating, and hexagon tile floors. Magazines and newspapers from around the world. Music that fit each weeks locale. This space needs the constant energy of change and excitement. It would attract Atlanta's Travel set. It MUST FEEL GLOBAL.

    All of the winners from the various Food channels shows could be the lineup. I would call it Puddle Jumpers. BBQ one week, Sushi the next. French one week, East African the next. The website would have the destination for the week. (you would get a PJ passport, upon each visit, it would get stamped..upon your 10th country/dinner, your meal is on the house!) It would be GRAND!

  43. I think this place has decent foot traffic since it is not too far from the park, but it is hard to park here.

    Flying Biscuit is near by so you don't need a breakfast place or dessert since it is next to Chocolate Pink.

    What about a FIGO pasta or another lunch spot? You are not going to get a huge dinner crowd to this place. Jimmy Johns would work also since they can deliver to local places for lunch. JJ's is always looking to expand.

    Yoforia is turning up all around as well.

  44. A gastropub like Leon's Full Service with good food, interesting beer, and cocktails, the kind of place you could see yourself going to more than once a week without feeling like you have to get dressed up, and could go for a meal or just a good drink and some nibbles. Everyone has their own idea of what kind of place feels comfortable for dropping by on a random night, but my two cents is that Holeman & Finch and TAP take themselves a shade too seriously for me to just drop in in my jeans and sandals--but maybe it's just their clientele.

  45. What we need is a swanky champagne bar. A glamourous bar, NOT a CLUB.... that serves fabulous cocktails and bites. A little like the Bar at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, but with out the hoity toity old folks and call girls and a bit more modern in decor.

  46. Atlanta has yet to have an erotic bakery. You may laugh, but I'm completely serious. It's guarunteed business!
    The location is ideal. It's not a far drive for any intowners who need to pick up something before a night out or in. You pick up the classy cupcakes nearby at Chocolate Pink for your baby shower, and a nice male appendage at the erotic bakery to munch on for your bachelorette or gay pride party. Plus, there's enough room for space to get customized chocolate molds or baked designs.

  47. I live in 805 Peachtree Lofts, about a block away from this development. I think the neighborhood is seriously lacking a high-end market like the SAVI Market in Inman Park... something with a nice selection of craft beers & wine for sale.

    I also like the idea of place where I could pick up prepared meals (my wife & I never have time to fix dinner as it is, and with a kid on the way our time is going to be stretched even thinner).

    Thanks for taking neighbors' input! I'm looking forward to whatever ends up going into that space, because I know that you are already putting a lot of thought and consideration into it.

  48. I think the only type of restaurant that our neighborhood is missing is a tapas place. We have sushi (Silk and Nikimotos), pizza (Little Azio), bakery (Bakeshop), brunch (Flying Biscuit), Thai (Tenth), Chinese (Mulan) etc... but no tapas place within walking distance.
    Also, the bar area could be kept as is to offer cocktails and wine !

  49. This portion of Midtown is fairly saturated with restaurant types. Mexican is covered by Zocalo, noodle by, well, Noodles, bakery/sandwich place by Bakeshop, burgers by Vortex, coffee bar/desserts by Chocolate Pink, sushi by Nikimoto's and Silk, grill by Hudson Grill, and the list goes on. Like others have pointed out, too, a sit-down restaurant is tough to pull off in such a small space. However, the one thing Midtown is missing is a good, nice cheesesteak place. From a quick glance in, you can see the grill portion is already set up perfectly. The beauty of cheesesteak places is that you don't have to eat in -- and most people don't. But, there's still enough room for a couple of tables. This doesn't have to try to be an "authentic cheesesteak" place either; the fact that there's a bar space open leaves for some creative alternatives. Think what Flip! did for hamburgers, but for cheesesteaks.

  50. I think a really relaxed restaurant that people from Piedmont Park and the local neighborhood can stop through and grab a bite to eat and possibly a cocktail or two or three would be great.
    A swanky hot dog place, that specializes in different hot dog choices and toppings along with a few specialty sandwiches.

  51. Good quality take out and bakery. Think Alon's Bakery or, as others have commented, Eatzi's. Definitely fresh bread!

    But watch the price point.

    I live less than a block from the space. If I could go pick up dinner for two for around $20 +/-, I would likely go there for dinner 3-4 times a week.

    Eatzi's got crazy expensive.

  52. @K-Dogg,

    Yeah, Woody's isn't bad. It's no Pat's or Geno's, but it's pretty good.

    I was thinking more something that took a creative take on cheesesteaks though.

  53. A high end deli like Star Provisions would be great. Great food to go, sandwiches, soups and sides for dinner.

  54. a laid back atmosphere with a mix of tapas meets comfort food. the kind of place that feels like home but has a cool vibe on a friday night. and also the place that you would want to go for a late lunch on saturday.

  55. There are a wide variety of food options in this area already. I think putting in a juice bar like Arden's Garden in L5P would be great - they're always busy and everyone likes fresh squeezed juice!

  56. Please bring Midtown a true Wine Bar experience! A place that is decorated nicely, contemporary, with a focus on wines and small plates that focus on wine pairings. Similar to this concept I recently visited in Charlotte : http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-wooden-vine-charlotte

    Trust me, I love beer, but we have far too many beer places now. Between Taco Mac, Vortex, Hudson Grille, Deckards Kitchen & Kegs, Der Biergarten, all the great places in Decatur, and many more, I've got my beer fill. I think a wine bar would do really well because as a fellow bar dweller once said, "Midtowners love to drink". Business will come from the residents, not from the business people in the area.

  57. A BBQ place would be awesome. Kinda small but we have no BBQ in the area. I'd also be a fan of Farm Burger or Yoforia showing up there. Oh, a Barker's Red Hots would be killer there. Best hot dogs in the Atlanta area for sure (they even have veggie dogs). Sadly they only have two locations. The main one is in Smyrna and its delicious.

  58. Something like octane! It's coffee, it's food, it's beer and wine, it's art, it's perfect. An alternative to starbucks in midtown.

  59. Please open a champagne bar called Bubbles. What would pair better with a treat from Chocolate Pink than a sparkling sip? I will be your most loyal customer.

    Good luck!

    Jennifer Brett

  60. A real Tapas place like the ones you find in Europe. Not fancy, rustic with awesome little bites and classic drinks (no martinis pls). The place where people meet after work to unwind before they go home to eat dinner with their families.

  61. I think a Jamba Juice, Willy's OR Moe's! Something quick and easy. Maybe even a Dippin' Dots or Pinkberry if you're interested in doing something sweet.

    Check out Menchies.com. I think that would be GREAT! It's a new twist on a older concept and it's becoming a big hit. I have a friend that owns/runs one in Roswell and it makes out PRETTY WELL! Very fun and delicious.

    Just a few ideas, hope they help 🙂

  62. Something Atlanta is definitely lacking - An Oyster Bar - You've got A LOT of NorthEast transplants, who'd salivate at the chance to have a true New England spot (and Atlantans would finally learn what seafood is supposed to be like) 😉 - Oysters from the West Coast, East coast & Japan (raw and fried) and maybe even a lobster roll special if we're so lucky... and before anyone says anything, no, none of the current seafood spots come close to this, in fact, they're so off it only makes us miss our snowy home more!

  63. How about something like The Grape? A spot with a decent small menu (suitable for lunch and tapa-style dinner) and good drinks. The neighborhood's in need of a cozy spot, plus so many restaurants just don't last (Lupe/Cuerno, Beleza, EVOS, Nona Mia's, etc.)

  64. A Parisian bistro with lots of small tables for a cozy atmosphere would be a welcome addition. Keep the vibe unpretentious and offer modest to moderate priced menu items for the perfect place to meet, greet and eat!

  65. A specialty market, please! I live in the neighborhood and would love something similar to the Mercantile on Dekalb Ave or Alon's in that space.

  66. I cool burger lounge with hip fresh burgers and fresh food items in a lounge setting. San Fran comes to Atlanta!

  67. A breakfast/brunch place with Bloody Mary's. For the afternoon, lite bites and a wine and cheese hour. I live a couple blocks from the place and I think you would get a lot of foot traffic for something like that. There really isn't anything quite like that in Midtown. I'm not talking all organic, but something with some pastries, omelettes, bacon, ham, gravy, fresh fruit, cheeses for breakfast. Decent coffee, but nothing trying to compete with Starbucks.

  68. Something that is high end, classy but not super expensive. Cuerno was way tooooo expensive and not very good. Parking should not be an issue since you can walk, park on Juniper or cab it. With great restaurant owners in town, we can find something. NO CHAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. I love the idea of a cozy neighborhood bar/wine bar with tasty, fresh,
    quality tapas (think along the lines of the bar scene at Ecco). Consider the price points as many neighbors are very conscious of their spending.
    If handled properly, this could be a gold mine~~~forget the parking. You
    are surrounded by many, many condos where people live in small spaces and
    need to get out and about. A quick glass of wine or two and some small
    bites, mixed with social interaction could be the "best".

  70. Many people residing in this area are fit/active. Many people want healthy options that are quick and on-the-go. The only option is Metrofresh but their menu is a bit limited. My suggestion is for a similar cafe serving healthy menu items and possibly higher end market items. The last thing I want to do after work and the gym is to cook. I and probably many others would rather opt for healthy and quick! Tasty of course too!

  71. It's the economy stupid ! (I didn't make that up.)

    Keep it simple. Keep it Midtown: Pretend there is no parking.

    *) economically priced: 2 drinks, something to eat, 1 person, plus tip = $25, 2 people = $50
    (no wine over $7, no beer over $5.00)
    *) happy wait staff/bar tenders that make you want to be there
    *) simple menu: fewer items, better quality
    *) decor: unique, quirkily simple... one of a kind in Midtown
    *) no destination concept, should be a neighborhood concept priced so anyone
    of the 3000 residents that can walk to, will want to, and often.

  72. Given the type of residents in the 905 building it only makes sense to turn the space into a BJ shop. They could call it "Blow & Go."

  73. Copy Gloria's in Dallas. Change the name, keep everything else. They were the originators of the "Swirl" that became famous at Uncle Julios.

  74. Top suggestion is Mexican! I loved Lupe. It always seemed crowded and I understand it only failed because the owner was over his head due to Cuerno by the time he even opened Lupe. There's no good Mexican on this end of Midtown (just greasey Tin Lizzie) and I ate at Lupe regularly.

    Second choice - Indian. Even less of that around, but I'm not sure it works for the space.

  75. The problem with each and every restaurant that opens here is , that people have to stand outside and drink and/or smoke . Half of them are way to pissed to realize how much noise they make. This is still a residential area and we call the police so much that they can't stand it. Lupe was bound to fail since every time they wanted outside dining we will object to it !! Have something that's not alcohol related and it should be a winner. Also its becoming way to urban i midtown that's what Atlantic station is for.

  76. I tend to agree with all the freshly made food to go and the yogurt bar ideas , there are way to many ethnic type restaurants around. We have to look at the direct residential needs healthy,fun and new hallo .... no one wants to have the smell of curry around all day , maybe a take out "Real" Italian pizza joint or Euro coffee type hang out ..

  77. I like allot of the take out ideas, I am a midtown resident for the past 8 years and fresh,healthy and great tasting always win . Why does chocolate pink work cos people love sweets, are they loud and ghetto NO they have class . My idea would be also the yogurt and fresh fruit idea people her in the summer love things like that !!

    Let's not make Midtown, feel downtown with more Indian, Thai or even Italian there us already 3 on peachtree lol

  78. 21st century Moroccan -- clean, minimalist decor, low tables with cushions, moroccan cuisine with a relaxed, lush feel. Perfect third-date location!

  79. I also happen to live above the spot in question and the reason that the other businesses stay open is 1.) they are quiet 2.) they don't serve alcohol. Starbucks actually have rude staff and clamp wheels at the one on Peachtree street so coffee&sweets or the yogurt will not be a bad idea !!

  80. Hey Jax why don't you go live in Morocco ha ha

    There was a middle eastern type place on West Peachtree before next to Marlows and it closed.. Why you may ask - cos here in America we use knives and forks plus we don't sit on the floor like peasants .

    If you asked me the best place would be a quick and easy but also healthy and affordable. I live up on 7th but have to walk past there allot it's perfect for me and allot of my friends .


  81. If you ask me home made sandwich place is perrrrfect! They could be made healthy yet affordable. I lived in the Uk for a long time and these places outsell any subway or Jimmy John's since it's made with allot of care and homemade items ie jam, sauces

  82. How about a classy wine and home made pizza place .. The Place would be great after work but also for a take out (pizza ofcoarse)

    The only pizza around is bloody chain types and healthy goes out the door on those ... They could do coffee too since SB is over priced .. Any foreign food would not work people can drive elsewhere if they need to !

  83. Let's not deface midtown and become like Cheshire bridge .. Here we want good clean food. No commercial or foreign foods (it's so yesterday) if I want wanna be mysterious or foreign I will eat the leaves in my garden ... The fact that pink chocolate works should be a sign nice clean fun for everyone ... I vote a yogurt bar !!

    Mr C

  84. I would love to see an organic yogurt bar , we have allot of traffic here ie peachtree run, the art festival, screen on the green ( that's if the ghetto crowd don't mess it up) and we always have new things. Ciao

  85. An upscale Waffle House would do some slammin' business. You'd need a good manager, tho, to keep the place up.

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