Owner of Cuts, Truva To Open New Concept in J&J Bourbon Bar & Grill Space

Muzo Saritas is still developing the concept, will 'gut' the restaurant to 'see what we're working with.'

The recently-shuttered J&J Bourbon Bar & Grill in Virginia-Highland won’t sit dark for long.

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Muzo Saritas, the restauranteur behind concepts like Cuts Steakhouse, Truva Turkish Kitchen, Metro Diner, and the newish-owner of neighboring American Roadhouse, has acquired the space.

Saritas is developing a new concept for the prime corner spot on North Highland Avenue, the restauranteur Thursday told What Now Atlanta (WNA) in a telephone interview.

“I’m going to first gut that space to see what we’re working with,” Saritas said.

Demolition could start as early as February pending the permitting process with the City of Atlanta.

“We don’t know what’s waiting for us until we start demolition.”

There’s no timeline for when the yet-to-be-disclosed concept will open but when it does, “it’s going to be beautiful.”

Saritas is also the owner of two Metro Diner Cafes.


J&J Bourbon Bar Closed
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J&J Bourbon Bar closed in October 2017 | Photo: Henri Hollis for What Now Atlanta.
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

11 Responses

  1. Hope that the ugly storefront disappears with this change – but also hope that the remains of the vintage Coca-Cola mural on the St. Charles Avenue side of the building can be retained.

  2. Please let them know that it would be wonderful if they would reinstate the complete Fleeman’s Pharmacy sign on the side of the building. That is the only way that I would go there.

  3. Demolition??? Why on earth can they not just re-vamp the space. Demolition in such a historic part of town seems completely uncalled for and unnecessary. I hope the City thinks twice about permitting that.

  4. Glad others have commented on the Coca-Cola mural. I hate that it was partly destroyed when Belly went in but it was my understanding that windows were originally there and Belly just opened them back up. The Coca-Cola mural was commissioned by Jack Fleeman in the 80s when it was Fleeman’s Pharmacy. It was one of the last – if not the last per some reports – hand painted Coca-Cola murals. Jack loved the Coca-Cola company and the original soda fountain (no longer there) was a great hangout. They served celery-flavored Coca-Cola (doesn’t sound great) along with the many flavored soda favorites. Not sure how much on the inside is original and cool to incorporate – haven’t been there in a long time. Look forward to seeing something great there!

  5. Very excited about a new concept coming to this space in VaHi!! Living down the street, it will nice to start filling the empty storefronts!

  6. Any updates on the progress of this project? I walk by it all the time and nothing has been done in the last few months since this story came out.

    1. Still not a single bit of progress from the outside on this site. Any updates would be appreciated. With the closure of Hand in Hand, this corner is looking bleak.

  7. Still nothing going on there. Can you help figure out what is happening? This has now been vacant for 6 years!! And it started a chain reaction of other businesses leaving this strip which is awful for the neighborhood.


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