New 14th Street Auto Spa to serve wings, beer and car washes

car wash and restaurant ~ what now, atlanta?
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Eat, drink and wash the car in Home Park

Home Park residents are puzzled by what’s being built on the corner of State and 14th Streets.

It’s part car wash, part restaurant and has a working title of Atlantic Auto Spa and Lounge. From the outside, it’s hard to tell the building, which has several car wash stalls, will house a full restaurant.

The new business filed a permit with the city of Atlanta mid April for a “restaurant build-out conversion.”

Ryan Myers, an employee at Moe’s Original Barbecue across the street, told What Now Atlanta Sunday he heard the new business will be an auto spa that serves bar food.

“It sounds kind of weird,” Myers said. “A car wash with a bar.”

Preston Smith, owner of Moe’s, told us he’s concerned about parking for his employees and patrons.

“We’ll lose parking when they open,” Smith said. “Our lease agreement included parking across the street until the space was leased.”

We asked Home Park resident and Tech student Jeremy Watson, who was walking by the location Sunday, if he would use a car wash that doubled as a restaurant.

“If I had a car,” Watson said. “It’s a cool idea, but how feasible is it as a business model?”

Atlantic Station Auto Spa and Lounge
348 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

(Photo credit: Los Angeles Times Blog)

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

19 Responses

  1. I’ll reserve judgement until I see it, however . . .

    Unless I’ve missed something, there are no car self-wash facilities in town (I live in Midtown). Yes, I know Cactus is easier and they do a great job. But sometimes a guy just wants to wash his own car. And living in a condo makes that impossible.

    If I’ve missed an in-town self wash, please let me know 🙂

  2. Ok, it’s official…the city of Atlanta will create excuses to sell more fried wings and cheap beer.

  3. Assuming they’re still open, there’s a self-service car wash on N. Druid Hills adjacent to Target, just east of I-85.

  4. There’s also a DIY car wash in Vinings, across the street from the Kroger on S. Atlanta Rd. I mention it because it is technically inside 285, so “intown”, and not more than 15 minutes from Midtown.

  5. There is also a self service car wash on Buford Highway and Briarwood Rd across from QT in the shopping center where Goodwill and Funtime Bowling is.

  6. Sounds like a good place to get the Escalade washed and get those 24’s sparkling! At the car wash!!

  7. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Sal, I have driven past the carwash on N. Druid 100x and never noticed it. Will definitely be checking them out.


  8. What are these “self service” or “DIY” car washes you people are discussing? Is this something poor people do? If you think I’m washing my $900/month leased 5-series myself, then you’re crazier than the manager of the real estate agency I used to work at before I started selling life insurance.

  9. “If you think I’m washing my $900/month leased 5-series myself…”
    Which is exactly why you lease a car and don’t own it.

  10. Hilda, I think you might have missed a joke in there.

    This is…interesting. But, if, as people so often claim, Atlanta is all about driving and cheap, bar-type food, it ought to do well. Yet, I somehow don’t see it lasting long. Washing a car is a lot of work, so you probably won’t feel like sitting down at a “lounge” while you’re all covered in grit and sweat. And the last thing most people want to do right after they eat is wash a car.

    But, who knows? Maybe they’ll get a lot of business from the apartment and condo-dwellers in “West Midtown” who can’t wash a car at home and don’t want to spend money at Cactus.

  11. Oh I thought it was not a “self serve” car wash and but where they do it and you can eat while you wait which I think would be a good idea.

    If it’s a self serve car wash then I don’t think that makes sense. If you don’t have the $ to have someone wash your car then you are probably not going to be eating out lol

  12. Okay, I just re-read the post. If they’re going to call it an “auto spa” it’s probably not self-service, so never mind what I said. Duh.

  13. They actually have a place in Destin that you turn your car in and the fancy restaurant with $50 lobster/filet mignion type dishes washes your car while you eat and you just get your car from the valet. it has a catus carwash type run through and lines of workers cleaning, and then next to it is a flying biscuit fancy breakfast type place, and then the fancy restaurant. it works there. but this one is a little more ghetto. handwash carwash by someone else’s hands while you get wings. the parking situation seems like it will be a problem.

  14. There is already a auto spa in Atlantic Station. They just signed a new company that handles drive ups as well as valet customers. I think. Had the service offered when I was getting my car valeted last week at Strip in Atlantic Station.

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